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Team 3 Prezi

No description

Harlie Coney

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Team 3 Prezi

- 1550
- Genres
- Opera, Ballet, movie soundtracks, etc.
- Instrumentalist entertainment
- Technique and timbre progression
- Pitch

A Sweet Start to a Bitter End...
The Snowboard
Annotated Bibliography
Wakeham, Dan, and Sophie Everard. 2013. Snowboarding Skills - Training - Techniques. New York: Crowood.
Published in 2013, this online source is up to date with the latest snowboarding techniques, which directly relates to an area of my project that will require lots of research. Two authors worked on it, both of whom have extensive knowledge of snowboarding
Invented in 1970, evolved from the "snurfer" to the "winterstick" to today's modern snowboard
Over 6 million snowboarders in 2010
New culture created
Unintended consequence of injuries
Our inventions are connected by their ability to be used by humans for entertainment purposes.
The Crane
Kinesiology Tape
Renaissance: Beginning And Progress Of The Renaissance", last modified 2015, http://history-world.org/renaissance.html
This site explains the most important historical data during the European Renaissance including the invention of the Violin.

David J Smith; Rachelle Taylor, "Networks of Music and Culture in the Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries : a Collection of Essays in Celebration of Peter Philips's 450th Anniversary". Farnham : Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013
This book includes the history of the Renaissance Era and the culture and how each appearance of a new invention or discovery effected the society.
Created in 1970 in Japan
Single strip of adhesive tape
New alternative to the white athletic tape
Helps support and heal Athlete's injuries so they can get back on the slopes
Hans Liebherr made major innovations post WW2
Since then adapted to many uses and many different forms all over the world
Allowed for development of large metropolitan areas
2004. "ARTICULATING CRANE: Truck-Mounted." ENR: Engineering News-Record 253, no. 5: 27. Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost (accessed February 26, 2015).
Pretty simple this brief article describes the hundreds of different kinds of cranes that there are and the lifting capacity of these cranes. It shows just what the lifting capacity of these cranes are and how the standards are applied to real life scenarios. In regards to my thesis it is still showing that without the crane these heavy objects would not have been able to be lifted and then the world would not be shaped the way that it is today. It is something that is constantly updated and used to determine. If someone needs a certain crane, they will know how large of crane they need to supply. The relevance of the article is still ok because the load weight of a certain crane isn’t going to change. A certain crane will always have certain strength.

Kumbrink, Birgit. K Taping An Illustrated Guide. Berlin: Springer, 2012. <http://public.eblib.com/choice/publicfullrecord.aspx?p=884794>.
This source gives a brief history of the development of the Kinesio tape when it was being tried and tested in the 70’s.
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