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Ayurvedic Medicine

Tavian Thomas, Lisa Wullenjohn, Peyton Becker, & Brianna Stewart

first ayurvedic medicine

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine By, Tavian Thomas, Lisa Wullenjohn, Peyton Becker, & Brianna Stewart What is ayurvedic?
A system of healthcare and medicine that dates back to the earliest days of India. According to ayurvedic doctors how can a person live a long life?
If their free of disease if they keep all 3 elements in balance. What questions might an Ayurvedic doctor ask a patient?
The patient habitat, what she eats, how much she eats, what mood shes often in, how much she exersizes ,what kind of and how much work she does, and what stresses is she under. What treatment do Ayurvedic doctors perscribe?
Following a special diet, taking herbal medicines, sesame oil massages, listening to certain music, and smelling scented oil. Did you know?
They dont believe that disease suddenly appears.

Ancient ayurvedic doctors were some of the first doctors in the world to give injections to humans and peform plastic surgery. Did you know?
Ayurvedic is based on ancient scientific writings that describe medical practices such as diagnosing illnesses, performing surgery, and curing disease with herb mixtures.
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