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Authors and Illustrators

Test your knowledge about authors and illustrators!

Beth-Anne White

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Authors and Illustrators

Let's explore to find out who-who makes
these amazing books! Who-who Loves Books? Authors Illustrators Author
Illustrators Mo Willems Patricia Polacco Mo Willems David Shannon Author Illustrators Eve Bunting Fun Facts What do you
care to tell the world? Videos Jane Yolen Fun Facts: Advice for young writers: Video Mem Fox Fun Facts: Ideas for writing: Video Mem Fox Jane Yolen Eve Bunting Authors Denise Flemming Renata Liwska Lois Ehlert Illustrators Surprise! Most illustrators of children's books have also written a children's book. So here we will focus on unique illustrations. Lois Ehlert Video Read this book: Now, go make a leaf creations! Denise Fleming Video Read this book: Craft Time! Renata Liwska Video Read this! Craft Time! Writes stories to make children think.
Grew up in Ireland.
Write more fiction than nonfiction. Think of one thing you want people to think about. How would you make a story about that? She has published more than 250 books!
Wrote her first poem in preschool. "I have three pieces of advice for young writers. One: read, read, read! You must read every day, and try to read a wide range of books. Two: write, write, write! Keep a journal, write letters, anything to keep the “writing muscles” in shape. Three: don’t let anyone stop you from writing.Be persistent no matter what “naysayers” or critical editors have to say about your writing." Loves to write but not picture books!
Writes with soft-lead pencils. She has about 30 sharpened at a time! "The best ideas, in my experience, do not come from our heads. They come from our immediate lives, or from memory, and then are molded by our imaginations into grand stories that affect the hearts and minds of others." Fun Facts: Video Be Inspired! David in the books, is based off of David Shannon himself!
David Shannon has illustrated for books that have a more "serious" look to them. Think of something from your own life, and make it into a story for others to enjoy! David Shannon Fun Facts: Video Piggie is a girl!
Elephant Gerald is named after Mo's favorite singer.
Mo Willems has earned many awards for his books! Write your own "Pigeon" or "Elephant and Piggie" or "Knuffle Bunny" book. Fun Facts: Video Write like Patricia: Patricia often includes children interacting with adults because she feels they can learn from each other.
She didn't start writing books until she was 41 years old! Patricia wrote "Thundercakes" to show how she overcame a fear. Think of something you are afraid of, and write a story about how you overcome your fear. Patricia Polacco Follow Renata's advice, "Draw what you like!" Did you enjoy learning about who-who makes the amazing books you enjoy? Who-who Loves
Authors and Illustrators? Come back
soon... to learn
more... authors &
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