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The Brains Big Bang

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Mr. Stack

on 20 December 2016

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Transcript of The Brains Big Bang

The Brains Big Bang
The brains big bang may be when language evolved and we think of this as a mystery because suddenly humans were making beads for a unknown reason with out any known change to the brain. So this may have given our species the advantage or disadvantage and one such example that may have came from this is language. Which may have made us the most successful life story on Earth.
Why Are Hybrids Important To Understand And So Is Evolution
Was Language Important ?

Here is some things you may think that language had nothing to do with the brain but it does. We do not know when language started but when it did almost every one learned it we do know that the Neanderthals had language as well which would be possible sense because they had 99.7% of our DNA and there brains were very similar to ours.
The human race was long thought to evolve some where in Asia and still is, but now most scientist think that humans evolved in Africa and the reason they think is........
I know that I haven't explained what is the brains big bang. It's a question has some what of an answer to it. The brains big bang is when suddenly you have people drawing art on walls and spending hours making beads people think that this may have happened because the brain may had changed one of its parts, that was for surviving into a part for language or something else.
The Brains Big Bang And How It Evolved
By Arshaq Ahmed

Where We Come From
Why they Think We Evolved In Africa
They think we evolved in Africa because the earliest ancestors human fossils were found in Africa which was Australopithecus. The best example of this species is Lucy and the first Hominid that was considered a human was Homo habilis and was a very successful species.
What Is The Brains Big Bang
You probably heard the word hybrid from Jurassic Park and how they make dinosaurs well a hybrid is a mix of 2 or more species. This can happen when 2 species marry and have a baby with a mix of there DNA it is allot more complicated than that, if you count the Y Chromosome and dominant Genomes.
What Is The Y Chromosome And Why is this important
Are We All Hybrids
In a way yes and no. Yes is very complicated so lets begin. Scientists think we are hybrids now you may think this is a lie but it is not. There is evidence that pre-humans inter breaded with each other the best example is Omo one found in the Omo valley. A test was conducted and it showed that people from any continent other than Africa had 3% or less DNA from Neanderthal. 1% or less DNA from other humans species in Africa. People in Africa have no Neanderthal genes in them. We are not hybrids because there is not enough DNA in us to make us hybrids.
The Y chromosome is found in all males if you don't have this stuff than you are not a male. Why you have to understand the Y chromosome is because a males brain is different than a female. So we need to know what the Y chromosome is and then you have natural selection that makes it so that the fittest survive and someone else that is blind would fall of a cliff or people that are weak would do the same .
Cont... Was Language Important ?
Language is important to the brain because as we evolved there were more humans, meaning that you would need to work together. So the brain got bigger and smarter in order to outsmart our competition. As it grew we got a spot for language

Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evolution_of_the_brain

And more....

Thank You For Listening To My Presentation
Now Why Is This All Important ?
Now you must think that I have given you tons of random information but they all are very important. Now here is why the Y Chromosome, hybrids and natural selection have to do with the brain and what the brains big bang has to do with this to
cont...Why Is All Of This Important
The Y Chromosome and hybrids are both related because humans had an enemy human called Homo erectus it has survived 10 times longer than us and we don't know why they went extinct. They had bigger brains and at that time most humans were women than men and we reproduced allot more of spring than we do now and more than other humans so we think that we breaded with them and sense the Y chromosome is mainly responsible for the brain we may have made humans with bigger brains than normal humans and natural selection left the fittest and smartest to pass on there genes which is even more important
cont... Why Is All Of This Important
Now you know how all that goes to getter now the brains big bang has a lot to do with the brain we think it happened because of the agricultural revolution when humans lived in big groups and they got more dependent on each other to live like some were farmers while some other people were hunters which helped with language and after some time you had painters and the brain had lost some of the parts and those parts may have been replaced but we do not know for sure and this
Nice Right
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