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Love. Life. World. Universe.

Who's your world? Who's your universe?

White Fire

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Love. Life. World. Universe.

Love. Life. World. Universe.
Tonight, we were on the grassy fields for a walk. It was with my mom, wife, and son.
My mom didn't want to take a walk because she was old, and frail. She could be really tired for a short walk. I told my mom to come, and it was a good exercise, so she decided to come. She nodded, and went to change clothes.
These days, my mom would listen to me. Just like when I a child, I would listen to her, but now it's vice versa. But she still loves me all the same.
The weather was great. Spring came very late this year. Some elders couldn't make it through winter, and they died before they could catch another glimpse of spring. We had prayed for them. Thankfully spring came. My mother survived another winter.
These fields were great. Patches of grass were scattered everywhere, billowing with the wind. The trees had fresh green leaves sprouting, and the spring water made a nice bubbling sound. This gave everyone only one word to think about... Life.

My mom and I walked in the front, while my son and wife walked in the back. My son suddenly shouted, "Hey! In front is mother and son, and in the back is also mother and son." We all laughed, and continued our journey.
After that, there were two paths. A small trail, and a big trail. My mom wanted to go to the big trail, but my son wanted to go on the small trail. All eyes turned on me. As father, my son looked up to me. My mom also does that too now. My wife usually listens to me. I didn't know what to do. Maybe splitting up the family, but that isn't a good idea. I thought about it, and decided to go on the big trail. My life with my son is going to be a long time, but not with my mom.
Before I could say the big trail, my mom bent down and rubbed my son's head. "It's fine, let's go to the small trail. But if I run out of energy, you might have to carry me." my mom addressed to me. We glanced at the river with golden fish swimming around and the golden flowers. We continued our journey.
We walked through the trail toward the flowers and the river. At one point, I squat down to carry my mother. My wife was doing the same to my son. Together we slowly walked, one step at a time. It was like we were carrying the whole universe.
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