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David Tudor

Rainforest 1

Tom Snelders

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of David Tudor

David Tudor Rainforest Ver. 1 Born in 1926 in Philadelphia
He began piano study at the age of six
His first professional activity was as an organist
known for Radical musical activity of the 20th century
Became a close friend of John Cage
(another famous Composer)

In the early 1960s he and Cage initiated a trend toward "live" as distinct from taped, electronic music. John Cage Mr. Tudor has conducted seminars in Electronic Performance at various American Universities THEN... Ended his career as a Pianist! Instead, Tudor created electronic sounds directly during performances, thus pioneering what was later to be called "live electronic music." late 60's Tudor's ideas and performances had inspired a new trend in electronic music. By the end of the decade, Tudor became fully involved in live electronic music, producing his own compositions using electronic technology. custom-built modular electronic devices many built by himself many of his compositions are associated with collaborative visual forces:

light systems,
film or four-color laser projections. He was affiliated with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company since its inception in the summer of 1953. With the death of John Cage in August 1992, Tudor succeeded him as Musical Director. commissioned many works, including RainForest I (1968) Cage's Project of Music for Electronic Tape Video "Bandoneon! (a combine)" 9 Evenings Artists & Engineering Event David Tudors first full concert work as a composer complex sound and visual system that moved sound from speaker to speaker and controlled lights and video images, creating a work that animated the entire space "ecologically balanced sound system." It has been revised 4 times with more advanced connectivity last one in 1973
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