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Psyc 113: Day 16

No description

Elizabeth Barton

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Psyc 113: Day 16

Like Pausing to Reflect on how we've been doing with values, we grow by pausing, and looking back at where we've been academically and what we need to change.
Complete the Exam Wrapper on your own.
1. Answer questions 1-5.
2. Complete questions 6 & 7 if you have a previous exam with you. If not, do this at home.
3. Answer Question 8
4. Review notes from the Dr. Chew video series and complete section 2. Be sure to answer ALL 3 questions (and sub-questions).
Keep working on your informational interviews!
Bring your exam wrapper to class on Tuesday along with your Multi-Year Plan. We will talk about both and will work on the Multi-Year plan.
Thank you!
Values are Like Heading West
Take out your "Core Values" worksheet with your top 3 values.
Reflect/Write, then pair share:
How have you done this semester in "heading west?"
How have you done this week?
How have you lived into your values today?
Have you been doing what you said you could/would?

What does your reflection suggest to you?
Psyc 113: Day 16
Check In on Values
Exam Wrapper
School of Business Pre-Registration: you're OK to miss
If you have to miss Friday, you MUST attend a CAPP report meeting, email me to get participation handout, AND pick up a "Multi-yr. plan" from the Advising Office.
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