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No talking By: Esynce Bettale and Andrew Clements

No description

essie padilla

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of No talking By: Esynce Bettale and Andrew Clements

No talking By: Andrew Clements
The protagonist is the 5th grade classes and Mr.Burton because they want the NO TALKING contest to go on to prove that they canreally be quite.
3 major events
The setting of this story No Talking by Andrew Clements is at school on the play ground and in class.
Main Characters
Dave , Lynsey , Mrs.Haitt, Mr. Burton,
By esynce bettale
The main characters are:
Those Characters are the main Characters
in the book of No Talking by Andrew Clements.
The Minor Characters
The minor characters are the whole 5th grade and the other
teachers in the school like Shiela, Mrs.Escobar, Mrs.Marlow, Scott, and Bill .
The antagonist of this book is mrs.haitt and every teacher but
The conflict
the conflict is the and the problem is that there not talking during class and and they not talking but they only say 3 words and the teacher are getting very mad
1 the challenge
2 the whole school joins in
3 assembly
The resolution
the problem got solved by the Principal becoming nice and letting the contest go on.
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