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ISIS in age of Trump

No description

Loh Ho

on 11 November 2016

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Transcript of ISIS in age of Trump

ISIS in age of Trump
Battle for Mosul - 4 weeks in
Russia poised or paused in Aleppo
seige and bombardment....

Stongment rush to salute Trump
Marine LePen
Europeans, Asians, Iran, Mexico
more reserved
ISIS media
Rita KatzVerified account
3)#AQ & #ISIS supporters on election: #Trump exposes #US's hatred of Muslims,will contribute to America/West's downfall--likening to #brexit
Rita Katz ‏@Rita_Katz Nov 9
4) Pro#AQ accounts: "On 9-11 US struck w disaster at the hands of AQ. On 11-9, US struck with disaster at the hands of their own voters."
Rita KatzVerified account
6)Jihadists warn that Trump will unite the mujahideen; Announce: "Bring it on, Donald"; "The mujahideen are ready!"
US white supremecists
Libertarian Right
"May a true detente turn into a working relationship, and maybe even a friendship? Both Kings (putin and trump) are doing the dance of joy as the Nobel Peace Prize is in their mutual hands if they can see it. Both know that an opportunity exists to make things right."
With Russia the detente will involve a measured end to sanctions and a possible dismantle of NATO, whereby the Gazprom pipeline might be agreed upon with some special provisions that benefit the poorer European states. With relaxed tensions on the Chinese front, look instead to new escalation to trade war between the US and China.
Big Man

bypassing institutions
and influence markets
for personal politics

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