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Leonardo da vinci's inventions

No description

Albert Ryan

on 3 August 2011

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Transcript of Leonardo da vinci's inventions

military flight Leonardo's Robot Machine Gun Armoured Tank Parachute Glider "Helicopter" Leonardo Da Vinci's Inventions bibliography http://www.leonardo-da-vinci-biography.com/leonardo-da-vinci-inventions.html One of Leonardo Da Vinci's inventions was a parachute, he knew that whenever you fell through the sky on earth you would reach a "terminal velocity" the speed where air resitance equalls gravity. Leonardo Da Vinci's design for a parachute was a piramid shaped framed roof that was draped in cloth. there is no record of him actually building the design, but a group of people built the design and it worked the same as Leonardo Da Vinci had predicted. Another of Leonardo Da Vinci's inventions was a "helicopter". his design was more like an aerial screw. he knew that if he created enough lift he would be able to fly the helicopter. sadly, the helicopter probably wouldn't have been able to fly as the wieght was greater than the lift. http://www.leonardo-da-vinci-biography.com/da-vinci-flying-machine.html Leonardo da vinci also invented a gliding style ornihopter, which is one of the most similar desing to the moden day plane. it was designed to fly from the pilot operating many gears and cranks which made the the "wings" move up and down like a bat, achieving lift. the frame was made out of bambo and the wings were made out of resin cotton. It is believed that leonardo left a tailplane (vital to stabilise the craft) out of the design on purpose to prevent another person copying the design. In 2002 a group of people atemped to build the glider based on leonardos design. The wings they built worked well enough to provide lift, but the gears and cranks that operated the glider were to complex and difficult to work. Surprising though it may seem, leonardo da vinci had a great intrest in milatary inventions. he had many ideas for machines that could improve his nation in battle, including the armored car. some say the car was the grandfather of the modern tank, although it was more like an armoured wagon that was equipped with cannons. The tank was a platform onwhells that then had cannons facing outwards all 360o around the tank. leonardos aim was to have the tank pass through and destroy all the enemies while the crew remained unharmed and the tank sparkling clean. sadly (or luckily?), the tank had many design flaws that made da vinci discontinue the design. The "machine gun" that da vinci designed one of the earliest designs of a repeating weapon. it consisted of 12 barrels fanning out acrros the front of the gun, designed to wipe out a large front of opposing forces from a wide angle. the gun was equipped with weels and was light wieght for ease of use when moving around the battle field. the gun had a hand crank to ajust the elevation. although once the the gun ran out of rounds it was quite hard to fully reload in a short space of time. the unique mechanism that the gun used was when the first tier was fired the second tier was loaded, the third tier then cooled down and when it was it's turn in the rotation the third tier was then fired. http://www.leonardo-da-vinci-biography.com/da-vinci-invention-machine-gun.html http://www.thetoyzone.com/2009/15-da-vinci-war-machines/ Leonardo's Robot was designed by da vinci when he was only 12 years old. The robot was basically a metal sclupture of a knight on wheels. the parts of the robot that could move were the arms, which could move left to right. the robot could also sit, stand, move it's neck and jaw, and raze it's visor. the robot was operated by pulling a series of pullies and cables. the re-designs of the robot were based only on leonardos origonal plans, they all have worked exactly as leonardo had predicted. It seems that leonardo had planned to improve the robot so that it could engage in combat with others and be his guard. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonardo%27s_robot http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonardo_da_Vinci http://www.suite101.com/content/history-of-early-robotics---leonardo-da-vincis-mechanical-knight-a257377 http://www.sterlingmachinery.com/discovery-channel-doing-da-vinci.php http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Leonardo_tank.JPG http://www.charlesgraafdelambert.nl/joomla/index.php/en/chapter-6-aspects-of-aviation
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