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Engaging Students With Poverty in Mind

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on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Engaging Students With Poverty in Mind

Eric Jenson's Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind
Read Rule # 1
Upgrade your attitude/Solutions you can use
Read silently then discuss for 3 minutes one person take notes.
Engagement Rule # 2 and # 3
Engagement Rule #4 and #5
If you are the same teacher you have always been nothing will change!
Engaging Students With Poverty in Mind

The Rules for Engagement

Teachers change lives. You must have a growth mindset for yourself!
Eric Jenson Article that you read is chapter 1 of the book.
Chapter 2
Read pages 20-22 silently
Stop at Rule # 1
One person takes notes.
(Notes will be exit ticket)
Discuss for 3 minutes.
Let's Share out together!
Let's share out together!
Brainstorm some together!
Record at least one on a sentence strip to be laminated and displayed!
Use Small Engagers!
Every stand up!
It's time for some movement!
Get Buy-In
Don't blame them for complacency:
Conditioned by years of boredom and compliance NOT to engage!
Build Relationships and Respect
Read up to "Solutions you can use."

Stop. Discuss. Take notes.
Solutions You Can Use

less stress, positive behavior, excitement!
Relationships can affect brain capacity!
Share a bit of yourself everyday!
Respect your students!
You have the ability to engage students!
Upgrade your interactive language!
Treat every student as if they can change lives!

Honor their dreams!

We will not except failure as an option!
Highly effective teachers ensure students:

to participate


to learn
Read up to "Solutions you can use."

Stop. Discuss. Take notes.
Solutions You Can Use
"Bigger kid" challenge
Offer an incentive
Pique curiosity
Start a competition
Chunk the buy-in
Lower the stakes
Use their imagination

Read. Discuss. Take notes.
Embrace Clarity
Preparation is essential!
Read up to "Solutions you can use."

Stop. Discuss. Take notes.
Teacher clarity ranks in the top 10 of all student achievement factors!
Clarity of teachers' words is linked to student engagement!

Solutions You Can Use
Use fewer words.
Say what you want, NOT what you don't want!
Avoid power struggles!
Take a whole class quick stretch!
Give clear, simple directions!
Read. Discuss. Take notes.
Show Your Passion
Read up to "Solutions you can use."

Stop. Discuss. Take notes.
If you enjoy your job, show your

Students can feel your feelings!

shows that you care about what you do!
Be excited to come to work everyday!
Exit Ticket: What would make it exciting for you to come to work everyday?
Solutions You Can Use
Vary your voice purposefully!
Stay active.
Keep your eyes focused on students!

Be Positive
Be sincere and honest with students!
Nurture passion!
Wear comfortable shoes!
Stay healthy!
Use positive self-talk!
These Rules of Engagement will be used throughout the rest of the book.

Begin to use them with strategies you already use!
We will continue the book study during faculty meetings!
"I will have 100% of students engaged every day!"
Read. Discuss. Take notes.
Read. Discuss. Take notes.
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