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Survival of the Fittest

No description

Allysa Johnson

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Survival of the Fittest

Deer Camp "I don’t remember the exact moment, the moment I made up my mind, the split second I decided to pull the trigger." "All I remember is looking at the beast in front of me, trying to see if I had wounded it." "It was apparent instantly by the crimson liquid squirting out of its side. It ran right in front of me and collapsed on the ground and began kicking. It stopped; I could hear it trying to draw in air. " "I will always remember this, the shallow noise of the animal trying to breathe in, but being unable to, due to the hole in its lungs. I watched as the animal laid there covered in moss and dirt that it had kicked up due to its struggle to stay alive. I lifted the gun one last time, aimed between the two front legs, and pulled the trigger. BOOM!" This all happened in the matter of thirty seconds. It almost seems like slow motion to me when I recall the event. My heart rate speeds and the adrenaline rushes through my veins like a race horse let out from its starting gate. I get shaky as if high on caffeine. All that matters for that one spilt second is if I completed the job, if I was able to finish what I was out there to do. Actual Pictures from a trail camera on our property "The beast was dead. Deer hunting had been an event to look forward to every year for my family, and had now become an event for me to look forward to. At this time, as I sat in my stand shaking and trying to calm myself down, my father came to help me with this deer." I descended from my throne in the tree and went to receive my much earned hug from my beaming father. My dad (Dave) My dog (Jack) My Deer!!! :) My marlin 30/30 lever action rifle! The next step of shooting a deer was field dressing it. This in simpler terms is called gutting the deer. "The next step of shooting a deer was field dressing it. This in simpler terms is called gutting the deer." "This process requires technique and becomes a bloody mess. I, with the instructions of my dad, was able to easily cut the deer open. You begin with the hide, then the thin layer of connective tissue underneath, and then you have to cut through the ribs (in which I had to enlist my dad’s strength)." It's a lot harder than it looks :) "The next step is to cut the organs that are connecting the innards to the deer. These things would include the windpipe and the bladder. I then grabbed the warm steamy guts with my bare hands and pulled them out. The pile of intestines lay on the ground for other animals to make a meal of." When you make the first cut through the hide After everything has been cut loose,
the guts should pull right out After the deer was gutted we then began dragging the deer through the woods to get it to our paths. The four-wheeler was retrieved from the cabin and driven back to where I waited with my deer. We then put the deer on the back of the four-wheeler and I drove it back to camp. "It was a victory drive. Once I got back to the cabin, we wrapped rope around the deer’s neck and hoisted it in a tree to allow the remaining blood to drip out. A stick was inserted between the ribs to open up the inside of the deer and help it aerate. Now it was time to tag the deer and get a much earned praise at deer camp." "I had won the bet; I had shot the first deer, and gutted my first deer. I can proudly say that I won the battle. " That is the second bullet.
It had gone diagonal through the deers body and lodged in the hip bone, we found it while we were gutting the deer!
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