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BAPS-The Start. <3

No description

Payal Desai

on 5 March 2011

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Transcript of BAPS-The Start. <3

Despite being abused, Shastriji Maharaj continued to spread Satsang. As Shastriji Maharaj left Vadtal, he, along with five sadhus and a couple devotees, had started to travel. They decided to build a Mandir in Bochasan because that's where Shriji Maharaj had promised Kashidas Mota that a Mandir would be built. Many farmers and devotees had given up their land just for the production of this Mandir. Once, while digging during the construction, they found a treasure chest of gold. Even though this was needed, Shastriji Maharaj refused to keep it, and buried it back. Whilst the installation of the Mandir was going on, it was time to install the murti of Gunatitanand Swami. The murti wouldn't move. Shastriji Maharaj prayed and asked Swami to let them move forward and help them for the future. The murti moved, and they went forward with the success of the Mandir. As we can see, building a Mandir is alot of work. It takes time, patience, and money. This all shows the amount of seva that was done during those times. In the 1400's, people believed that the world was square. Nowadays, people would think that was crazy. Christopher Columbus first came up with the idea that the world was round. People thought he was crazy. The men that traveled with him were scared that by traveling they would fall of the earth. Many a times are we faced with decisions where we start worrying 'bout what others think. Shastriji Maharaj was faced with torture just for spreading Satsang. After leaving Vadtal, Shastriji Maharaj didn't expect his life to continue being threatened. Numerous times while visiting various towns, the people who hated him had followed him in hopes of killng him. Once, three guards were sent with their camels to kill Shastriji Maharaj, so they decided to follow him and eventually kill him. Every time they reached the town, Shastriji Maharaj ended up leaving in his bullock cart before they reached. Whilst there, the guards were beaten up or tortured by some devotees or haribhaktas. The guards were thirsty, while on their way, a herd of buffalo had come and scared the camels. The guards fell off their camels and were attacked by the buffalo. They obviously couldn't get up, thus ending their quest for killing Shastriji Maharaj. We saw that for the guards, their karma came back to them. We also see that because Shastriji Maharaj was such a faithful devotee, he was protected. In the same way, having the same faith will bring us back positive consequences.
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