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I12 Unit 12 H.E.R.

Our Changing World

Hugo Elliot

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of I12 Unit 12 H.E.R.

When someone talks about the "future", what images and ideas come to mind?
Wile E. Coyote always
to the ground.
What do you think the inventions in the book do?
You're going to listen to someone describing three recent inventions.
at 9pm!

What time does the movie start?
Do you have duck?
No sir, I'm sorry.
It's ok, I
'll have
the chicken in that case.
I just bought my ticket and I
'm going
to New York next month!
Any plans for tomorrow?
Yeah, I
'm having
dinner tomorrow with a friend.
We should go, it

about to rain
By this time tomorrow, I
'll be relaxing
at the beach!
Just think, by this time next year, I
'll have graduated
from the University.

Can you imagine? By 2025, I
will have been living
in Lima for 10 years!
What kinds of innovations do you hope we will see in the next ten years?
7. The train ____ (leave) at 11:45pm.
2. On Sunday at 8 o'clock I ____ (meet) my friend.
1. Wait! I ____ (drive) you to the station.
5. By this time next year, I ____ (finish) my English courses at ICPNA.
4. By 2030, I ____ (work) with Microsoft for 15 years!
8. Be careful! The book ____ (fall).
3. I made the reservations and we ____ (have) dinner at Rosa Nautica tomorrow.
6. In just four months, I ___ (watch) the new Avengers movie.
In your opinion, what are some of the most serious challenges facing the world today?
I think that some of the most serious challenges facing the world are ...
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