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Warm Up

No description

Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 11 January 2018

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Transcript of Warm Up

You try!
The wind blew me harder than him.
When you find the pronoun at the end of the sentence, they can be the subject or object of the action.
Joe is a better guitarist than she. (She is a subject)
Warm Up
Insert the correct object pronoun into this sentence.
Today, we are covering pronouns after as and than
As and than are used to make comparisons. For the purposes of this lesson, look to the end of the sentence to find the pronouns used in the comparison. You can find subject pronouns in the beginning that are part of the comparison, but we are focused on the ones at the end of the sentence
Mrs. O'Hara assigned (3rd person, plural, neutral) the biographies.
The coach gave more trophies to her than me. (Me is an OP)
Suzie ran home as fast as they.
John and Tim got home more slowly than she.
ID the word being compared to the pronoun
1. The theater interests Rosa more than me.
2. Gordon has taken more dance lessons than she.
3. Janice is a more experienced actress than she.
4. Ian has been in more plays than I.
5. Our drama teacher has chosen Diana for bigger parts than her.
6. Being on stage scares me more than him.
Now, choose the pronoun to complete each sentence.
1. Everyone is as excited about the drama club's new musical as (I, me).
2. Elena has sold more tickets than (she, her).
3. Elena's a good salesperson, so the drama teacher has given her more tickets to sell than (they, them).
4. I have passed out more fliers to friends than (they, them).
5. Carol knew her lines. During rehearsal. the teacher had to give Edward more help with lines than (she, her).
6. Edward's singing impressed me as much as (she, her). We had never heard him sing so well.
7. No one is as talented at singing and dancing as (she, her).
8. The ending of the play surprised me as much as (they, them)-there was even a big gasp from the audience.
Study for pronoun quiz.
Vocab ch 7 due 11/15
Level 8 c.2 due Monday
Bring work for "When I was Puerto Rican" Monday
Write a comparison in which the pronouns is the object.
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