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1984 vs North Korea

No description

Ken Truong

on 2 September 2017

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Transcript of 1984 vs North Korea

1984 vs North Korea: Propaganda
The Slogans
War is Peace: War evokes great patriotism and devotion to a country. So if there is constant war, the people are constantly pledging devotion to their government. This keeps the people in control, hence, peace. The people think it just means that peace is maintained through war.

Freedom is Slavery: Freedom of choice, speech, think, love, etc…, means you have too many choices and are thus a slave to all the possibilities available to you. By limiting the choices you have, you are actually "free" from being a "slave". To the Party, a free person represents the removal of their power.

Ignorance is Strength: To the workers within the Party, their jobs rely on keeping the people ignorant of true facts. Essentially lie to keep the people in the dark, and then the Party will always be strong. The people's ignorance gives the Party strength; if they really knew the true state of how they had been manipulated, they would rebel and take away the Party's power.

The Party uses these slogans to control the minds of the citizens to believe that anything other than their INGSOC government would not grant them happiness. This way, the citizens will not consider rebellion because they believe that the Party’s way of government is the only good way of government.

The North Korean government promotes anti-U.S. sentiment largely because they've figured out a way to blame all of their problems on the U.S. and use fake fear of the US. For example, in North Korea, there are posters and stories of US soldiers branding prisoners with hot irons, set wild dogs on women, and torture people. North Korea would often threaten an “all-out war” against the U.S. as the government ratcheted up its anti-American rhetoric to mark each and every anniversary of the start of the Korean War. The North Korean government would often say that the U.S. started the Korean war but lost, hence, the constant killing and rape towards North Koreans.
Big Brother
“Big Brother is Watching You.” This slogan is tied in with the picture of Big Brother on posters that are hung all around Oceania. This slogan is meant to give citizens a feeling of protection and safety. The Party uses this to make them think that within the government, nothing can go wrong. And that if there was no Big Brother, they would not be living like this, which is true. But the citizens are brought up believing that without Big Brother, life would not be safe. However, the true definition of "Big Brother is Watching You" is the constant spying from the Party to discover who are the rebellions against the law of Oceania.
Ministry of Truth
This is where Winston Smith works, specifically in the Records Department. Winston erases information of the past and replaces it to be in favour of the Party, in the form of the newspaper, Times. In the novel, Oceania is at war with Eurasia, records indicate that this has always been the case. However, when they are no longer fighting, the historical records are changed and the population are brought into believing that the two nations have always been allies.
Senate House in London, where Orwell's wife worked at the Ministry of Information. His model for the Ministry of Truth.
The Leaders
On Kim Jong-il’s death: The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) report that during his death, a fierce snowstorm paused and the sky glowed red above the sacred Mount Paektu. The ice on a famous lake also cracked so loud, it seemed to shake the Heavens and the Earth.

On Kim Il-sung’s death: A nationwide mourning and a ten-day mourning period was declared by Kim Jong-il. His funeral in Pyongyang was attended by hundreds of thousands of people flown from all over North Korea.

There are portraits and statues of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il to honour their death and heroic efforts in the position of leader.

“Our glamorous neighbour”
"Colorful, communist paradise"
Propaganda of China are very optimistic
North Korea would NEVER attack China because they would lose its biggest trade partner/ global spokesperson/ally
China will keep supporting North Korea against US
The U.S. is truly an axis of evil
Promotes hate towards another nation/person (1984 - Goldstein & North Korea - U.S.)
Must praise and love their leaders
People who disobey the law will receive torture
Kids learn at a young age to hate their "foes" and believe in their government and leader
Propaganda every where about how great their leader and government is
Totalitarian Society, where their beloved leader is on top of the political pyramid
Must only love Oceania and not any other nation
Propaganda are only about loving Big Brother and the Party's political ideology, and hate against Goldstein
Completely obvious to the outside world
Being monitored 24/7
It's okay to show support towards another country (China) other than their own
Some propaganda will show how North Korea is "the best Korea" or how good of a country it is
Know what's going on around the world, but are told to hate other countries
Cameras or "telescreens" are not every where, especially in homes
North Korea
Information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, country, nation, etc... Propaganda can be achieve by the usage of media, art, authorities, etc...

In 1984, it is used in ways such as promoting hate towards Goldstein, and love towards Big Brother. Propaganda is pretty much display in every single place in the novel.
Big Brother! Kim Jong-un!
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