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Spoons: Combating Misinformation

No description

Alex Larabee

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Spoons: Combating Misinformation

Spoons Yogurt Presenting:
Kimberly Yokom
Alex Larabee
Dan Sipes
Taylor Wilson Main Challenges

Are people impacted by the Red Mango Nutrional Poster or the information on it?

If so, how can we effectively reach customers with accurate
The People Book
A coupon book distributed to college students in the College Station area free of charge to them
40,000 copies will be distributed starting in August (Fall) 2010
A contract is required
Cost: one time payment of $340.00 pre-paid (40,000 copies)
If only 10% of the students who receive a free coupon book
actually use the coupon...
Spoons will benefit greatly! 40,000 x 10%= 4,000 additional student sales 40,000 x 10%= 4,000 additional student sales 4,000 x $4.00= $16,000.00 in additional sales revenue This means you are only paying ($340.00/16,000)
2 cents for every dollar in sales. How did we go about answering those questions?

We started by conducting a focus group
-8 girls & 3 boys participated
-Their responses were in Spoons' favor
We then conducted an online survey
-We had over 100 responses

When asked, the focus group participants perceived "the other guys" to be Spoons Yogurt. The focus group participants were skeptical of the information
on the Red Mango poster.

Participants said the poster would not dissuade them from going to Spoons Yogurt. One participant commented, "I go the yogurt shop that tastes best. I already know that yogurt is healthy."

This proves that the poster at Red Mango has little, if any, effect on our target market.

What The Survey Entails:


Distribution Channels:
1 People Book
2 Brazos Bounty
3 Add to frequent buyer card No cost marketing Brazos Bounty

A advertising distribution company that
targets new residents

Distibutes company advertisements
throughout the College Station area
by a variety of means

They will stuff approximately 6,500 of Texas
Aggieland Bookstore's book bags and distribute
another 3,500 bags around local apartment
complexes and living communities.

A link to Spoons website will be on

Fee of $300.00 per semester
Again, if our ad reaches 10%
of the market, Spoons will have the following:

10,000 x 10%= 1,000 additional
student sales

1,000 x $4.00= $4,000 additional revenue

$300 / 4,000= 7.5 cents per dollar of additional revenue Spoons Website

Direct link to the website on the ad

Add all the product informatoin onto
the website directly Summary

We have proven the poster to be irrelevant.

The typical frozen yogurt consumer believes
yogurt to be healthy regardless of where they
purchase it from.

However, the typical frozen yogurt consumer
tends to prefer the frozen yogurt store they
originally visited over others in the area.

In addition, Spoons target market specifically
said they would choose to go to the frozen yogurt
store that offered a coupon over others who did

So we want to continue to advertise Spoons
nutritional value, as well as, increase the
exposure rate to the local market.

We believe this will result in new loyal customers,
whose frozen yogurt preference will always be Spoons.

The cost of Advertising with Brazos Bounty:
10,000 4X6 postcards
Color front, no back

$183.60 total through gotprint.com

Which translates into $0.02/card

$4,000.00-$183.60= $3,816.40 profit
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