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No description

Heather Maskell

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Instrumentalism

By: Andrea and Heather
(and it's got absolutely nada to do with music.)
"Instrumentalism is the view that a scientific theory is a useful instrument in understanding the world."
"A concept or theory should be evaluated by how effectively it explains and predicts phenomena, as opposed to how accurately it describes objective reality."
Thanks Wikipedia
What that really means is that instrumentalists value how well a theory works, over how true the premises of the theory are.

Instrumentalists see themselves as non-realists, and theorists.
Now, you ask...
Like I JUST said,
They don't evaluate their science based on objective reality. Objective reality being a dogmatic, inflexible truth, that they do not concern themselves with.
I hope this cleared some things up for you, because I know these questions have been keeping you all up at night.
Thanks for watching!
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