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Romanesque Architecture

No description

Noah Kraus

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Romanesque Architecture

Romanesque Architecture
Its Name
-The name of this Romanesque style of Middle Ages architecture leads to the immediate association with this style of architecture is with the Roman Empire.
-The reason for this association are the similarities between Roman Architecture especially the Roman 'barrel vault' and the Roman arch.
-Many other Romanesque and Roman Empire designs revolved around the same ideas such as the idea of desire for the heavens.
Examples of Romanesque Architecture From its Time
Maria Laach Abbey, Germany,
founded in 1093
Elements of Design
Examples of Romanesque Architecture Today
Works Cited
-This is an example of a barrel vault. As you can see, the light reflects from it well.
-Aulnay church
-Autun Cathedral
-Basilica of the Holy Blood
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-There was lots of open space for the large number of people who attended
-Romanesque Cathedrals often had galleries on the second level of the church

1100-1200 AD
Evolves into Gothic
Romaneque buildings are built
Leaning Tower of Pisa
built in 1372
For what reason was Romanesque given its name?
Name a type of Romanesque element.
Name a present day example of Romanesque Architecture.
Name an example of Romanesque architechture from its time.
-The main contribution of the Romanesque architects was the barrel vaulting method.
-The idea came from the need for more light in the Romanesque Cathedrals.
-This was the idea of making an arch-like cylinder in the ceiling.
-In almost every barrel vault there was a torch because the cylinder-like curves in the ceiling would help reflect and increase the light.
-Also, barrel vaults were a strong structure and which allowed architectures to raise the ceilings higher.
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Noah R.'s
Romanesque Video
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