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No description

brianna wasylychyn

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Spork

Sporks What is the purpose of a Spork? * It's also called the "Ice Cream Fork.
*It could be used to pick up things with juice and meat, veggies, ect.
*It is used for food that works with a spoon and with a fork without getting both. who\when was the original inventor of the Spork? The Spork was invented by Samuel w.
Francis, in February 1874 How is the Spork used
when originally invented? How is it used today? It originally was invented to be a
cutting spoon. The Spork is mainly used today for eating food that needs a spoon and fork in one. What are the innovations the spork has undergone since the original invention? They have made the spork
into plastic and metal. What type of technology
best classifies the Spork? *Environmental - The Spork is environmental
because you can reuse a metal Spork and
recycle a plastic Spork.
*Production - It is made by natural
resources. You can recycle it and it feeds you. How has the spork impacted society in a positive way? If you don't recycle the spork, then it can harm the environment. How has the spork impacted society in a negative way? * Science-eating utensil
*technology-Instead of having a spoon and a fork, you have it made into one
*engineering-to eat food
*math-a spork overall would be cheaper instead of buying a spoon and a fork S.T.E.M "High school is like a spork : it's a crappy spoon and a crappy fork, so in the end it's just plain useless." Quote about the spork have a bad
hair day and
my spork
sort of hurt me.
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