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An Innovative Solution for Cleaning Difficult to Reach Windo

No description

Robbie Urwin

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of An Innovative Solution for Cleaning Difficult to Reach Windo

An Innovative Solution for Cleaning Difficult to Reach Windows
User Requirement Specification
"Develop an engineering solution that would enable a powered window cleaning product to be effectively used to clean 1st floor windows from ground level, to include detergent application and removal."
Our Solution
Traditional Window Cleaning
Scrub - Solution - Squeegee
Takes skill to avoid streaks and drips

Competitor Products
"Powered Window Cleaners"
Vacuum water off of windows

Gap in the market for a powered window cleaner for first floor windows
Main Casing
Manufacturing & Assembly
Financial Analysis
Marketing Strategy
4 P's:
Product: Hydra
Place: Manufactured in China, initially sold in UK
Price: £ 54.99
Promotion: Target homeowners
Manufacture of Parts
Assembly System
Market Research
Final Solution
Financial Analysis
Parts to be manufactured by Injection Moulded ABS
Will use a combination of manual and robotic assembly
"Clam shell" assembly technique
Setup - $322,700/assembly line
Raw materials - $14.45/unit
Overheads - $0.53/unit
Transport & Tax - $13.27/unit

Price for retailers - $54.27/unit
Profit - $26.02/unit

Expected Sales
Year 1 - 150,000
Year 2 - 300,000
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