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The Issues of Whale Poaching

Those who poach illegally say it's for "research," but what kind of research are they conducting that they are depleting the species.

Megan Tennison

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The Issues of Whale Poaching

Whale Poaching
Started in the 16th century to meet the demands the oil
and meat demands for the time
New technological advances have made it eaiser to the
"researchers" to kill these animals
It is an issue that many do not care about because they
do not see the direct effects it has on them
I think it is an important issue for all people to care about, not only those who live near the oceans, because they important to the overall health of our ecosystem. The "Reseachers" The Importance To Us
Just like with any other species they keep our ecosystem in balance

The killer whales first turned to harbor seals, then fur seals, sea lions, then as the seals became comparatively rare, some killer whales expanded their diet to include sea otters … By the late 1990’s the number of sea otters had declined to such an extent that it allowed an explosion of sea urchins - the sea otters natural prey. The exploding population of sea urchins then decimated the kelp forests that formed the very basis of the entire ecosystem due to the sea urchins’ over grazing The Japanese claim that what they are doing is for research, but after 18 years of claimed "research" they are unable to come to any findings
After these 18 years of research a conclusion about the natural mortality rate had been “forgotten” and new objectives were made up so they were able to continue the research. Objectives, such as “monitoring prey consumption and the change in blubber thickness,” are allowing this whaling to continue in pro-whaling countries, but there are more researchers that have been able to effectively conduct this research without killing any whales
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