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How can we genetically modify a Killer Whale to come off the

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Transcript of How can we genetically modify a Killer Whale to come off the



How can we genetically modify a Killer Whale to come off the endangered species list?
Our Key Concept
For our key concept we wanted to focus on change. We wanted to focus on this because we wanted to change things to make the endangered species no so endangered which would change everything.
Our Related Concept
For related concepts we decided to focus on Environment and Balance. We decided to focus on those because we need to fit what we are making into the environment and we need to balance everything out.
Our Global Context
For global contexts we decided to focus on Fairness and Development. We focused on Fairness because we need to make it fair for the animals and for us. We also focused on Development because we need to develop a way to make a endangered species not endangered.
For 21st Century skills we decided to go with Critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.
Our 21st Century Skill
Saving The Killer Whale
Propose 2 plans (Plan A and Plan B) on how to save endangered species. Use Nanotechnology to genetically engineer them.
How are the Killer Whales endangered
Commercial-Hunting, Capture for Entertainment, Habitat Pollution, Excessive Noise, Decreased prey, not reproducing fast enough, and Climate-change.

By Kaiden, Cameron, Jack, Jacob, Dillon
What are we going to modify?
HI >:)
found meh

ima secert
What are we going to modify?

ima secert
Our first plan.
Our Second Plan.
Our first plan is to find Killer Whales at a young age and send them to a geneticist and they modify there genes to make sure there skin is resistant to climate change and we will edit the bones and skin to be stronger so when the boats hit them they will not get as hurt or affected them and gills to resist pollution.
Our second plan is to find two adult Killer Whales(One Male and one female), and edit there genes(Slie Before.) and wait until they can mate and then once they have mated check if there child has the same modified genes.If not we will try again with a different pair of killerwhales
Punnet Square
About the Killerwhale
The killer whale, also referred to as the orca whale or orca, and less commonly as the blackfish or grampus, is a toothed whale belonging to the oceanic dolphin family, of which it is the largest member.
Scientific name:
Orcinus orca
Body length:
28 ft. (Adult)
12,000 lbs (Adult)
30-50 years (in the wild without any dangers to it)
Trophic level:
Gestation period:
15 months (50% of the females do not reproduce after 38 years of age, and males usually do not reproduce till after 46 years of age.)
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