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Geraldo sitting bull

No description

Monica Johnston

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Geraldo sitting bull

Sitting Bull About sitting bull Sitting bull sitting bulls child Fun Facts about sitting bull why did they call him sitting bull? The war Do you wonder what made the war of the sitting bull is because of the pioneers said they will stay on the land but not do any harm.So one day a man named George Custer found gold on the island. sitting bulls sun talks about him and what his father did. The war started because George Custer found Sitting bull was really brave for his indian tribe.Sitting bull was called sitting bull because his courage was like a bison who you'd fight instead of run. They called him sitting bull because his courage was like a bison who wold stay and fight instead of run. Why did the pioneers start the war out that there was gold on the mountain so they wanted to go through sitting bulls tribe so they fought back and they won.But the pioneers grew bigger so they had to cross Canada's border to survive. sitting bulls bravery sitting bull never gave up on what he had to accomplish and he did not let his group back. George custer
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