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Arr-Maz Custom Chemicals

My day working at Arr-Maz.

Madeleine Lewis

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Arr-Maz Custom Chemicals

Arr-Maz Custom Chemicals Madeleine Lewis
4/16/10 Purpose of the Company What the company does is they create, test, and sell chemicals. Some of their products are mining & fertilizer chemicals, asphalt & nitrogen additives, industrial minerals, water treatment, and contract manufacturing. Mentor: Patricia Arscott
Job Title: VP of Human Resources In 15 years this company will hopefully be more big and known globally. They are trying to start plants in places such as Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Ethiopia. Employability Skills Employability skills needed to do this job are:
-Be on time
-Complete Work
-Correct Attire
-Be respectful to boss and workers
-Stay on Task
I don't think that I would like this job because I wouldn't want to be in an office. I also don't find it extremely interesting working with chemicals. Technology that is used in the job are communication through e-mail and phone. They also use internet based programs such as SurveyMonkey. Microsoft Office is a program commonly used and HRIS which stands for Human Resources INformation System. The average salary this job makes can depend on the size of the company and how many workers work there. A person in my mentor's position usually makes anywhere from 100,000-250,000 dollars a year. It is also possible to earn a 10-15% bonus. Skills that are helpful in this job are human resource experience, leadership abilities, patience, understanding people, understanding employment, and management. What I did like about this job is how much you can communicate with other workers about dealing with other people and solving problems. What I didn't like about the job is how much information you had to keep track of about individual people. Donna, one of the people I had to shadow. My Dad's Office
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