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Kaingin System in the Philippines

No description

Monina Saguin

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Kaingin System in the Philippines

Kaingin System
in the
Philippines What is Kaingin? Boon or Bane? Government How can deforestation be best addressed? Are there enough laws and regulations to protect our remaining forests? Yes, there are enough laws and regulations (e.g. EO 318) to protect Philippine forests. However, these have been prone to changes from administration to administration. Actually, the forestry sector is over-regulated. What needs to be done is to enforce the laws and to curb the corruption that makes it possible for illegal loggers to circumvent the rules. Furthermore, Congress and the Senate must pass the long-term Forest Management Act to ensure the permanency of forest policy and assure stakeholders of long-term viability of their investments.

Under PD 705, Wildlife that lives in the forest must be taken cared of. Kaingin causes animals to move out of their territory due to the disturbances done. Underlying Problems Advantages Residues from the burn trees serve as natural fertilizer

Weeds and other pests and tree competitions are burnt

Creates space to grow plants and walk

Pests and diseases are burnt

More sustainable and productive, energy-intensive agricultural method.

When managed properly with the use of trees, it can be a means of agroforestry.
DESTRUCTIVE OR NOT? Kaingin at a cost Kaingin is the burning of trees for shifting cultivation purposes. Don't you know that "Kaingin" is more dangerous than logging, because in logging, chances are high that there are seeds left over after the cutting of a certain trees from it's area which will sprout anytime to replace the one taken by, but in Kaingin, there will never be a chance that trees of it's kind will sprout again after the area is being burned. "slash and burn method of farming"
Kaingin is noted to be one of the principal causes of deforestation. Slash and burn consists of cutting and burning to convert forest lands to agriculture lands or pasture for livestock, or for a variety of other purposes. It is sometimes part of shifting cultivation agriculture, and of transhumance livestock herding. Contributes to soil erosion and ultimate environmental collapse within the area.

It takes time for soil to recover it's fertility.

Native trees and plants might be blocked by the growth of nonnative species due to the stress that occurred.

Habitat loss for animals.

Results to poor air quality. lack of detailed knowledge on forest science; local soils, climate and ecosystem
lack of agricultural knowledge and skills
lack of technical support and credit
poor government support
Deforestation can be minimized through the proper protection and management of the remaining forests; socioeconomic development in rural areas, and policy and institutional reforms. All classified forestlands can be put under responsible and accountable stakeholders with fixed tenures, be they local communities, private corporations, the local government units or socio-civic groups. A united action among all stakeholders, with the use of all scientific data gathered over the years, should guarantee sustainable forest management. Alternative sources of livelihood to upland communities should be provided as well as sources of fuel wood (e.g. ipil-ipil). There should be a guarantee of sustainable legal sources of wood as a basic need and the education of the society on the importance and care and management of forests. Philippine Forestry Development Forum Philippine Forestry Development Forum "Whenever a land of the public domain is burned or the timber therein cut or destroyed without license or permit, the actual occupant shall be presumed to have burned or cut or destroyed its timber. Republic Act no.3701 MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. 96 - 22 "To enforce forest laws, rules and regulations governing the protection of the watershed areas from fire, kaingin making illegal occupancy, illegal cutting, gathering and/or collecting of timber and other forest products without authority;"
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