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Social Media

No description

Arielle Hodgson

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Social Media

WHY? Metro West Housing Solutions Branching Out with Social Media The Most Popular Social Media Platform Twitter Ability to share pictures, written posts,
URLs, and link words with a 'hash tag' (#) Instagram Mobile Photo Sharing LinkedIn Worldwide Professional Networking 2 new members join every second QR Codes / Apps Code to connect users to
designated site via mobile device statisticbrain.com, Nov 12, 2012 There are 4.8 billion mobile phone users, and only 4.2 billion people that own a toothbrush... As of August 2012, 69% of online adults use social media Social Media Marketing is used in nearly 90% of all companies Pick, business2company.com, Oct 2012 Social media and blogs sites reach 80% of all U.S. Internet users. Pick, jeffbullas.com, 2012 More than 1.2 billion accounts actively using Facebook 1 of every 5 of all page views Can share written posts, pictures, videos, and links. stimulusadvertising.com, 2012 Smith, A., et. al., money.cnn.com, Oct 4, 2012 55% of all Twitter users use the service to share links to new stories.. Jeff Bullas, 2012 Jeff Bullas, 2012 business2community.com, 2012 Expands professional networks by career information, skills, academic background, etc. Many companies look for potential employees through LinkedIn. More than 30 million users as of April 2012- the release of the Android app saw 1 million downloads in 1 day. stimulusadvertising.com, 2012 Also uses #hashtags... Just recently exported onto the Internet Users don't need a mobile device to view photos "Guess What My Bottle is Made of?" Campaign As of November 2012, 98% of 18-24 year olds use social media pewinternet.com, Nov 13, 2012 Estimated most effective for businesses: 1-4 posts a week jeffbullas.com, Feb 2012 How often to post?
Quality > Frequency
Post often enough to make presence known, but only quality posts
Not just posting to post marketinghuddle.com, 2012 Other Popular Social Media Platforms: YouTube
Google +
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