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International Interactive Marketing Strategy

Why Interactive Marketing is important to all countries, but why a different strategy is needed for different countries and sectors.

Jeremy Pingul

on 17 January 2011

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Transcript of International Interactive Marketing Strategy

International Interactive Marketing Strategy Interactive Marketing is growing quickly. Cost-effectiveness is the main driver of growth. "The Internet is fast, adaptable, controlable, measurable, and low-cost compared to other marketing activities." “Looking into our annual record we found interactive
marketing is very effective in many ways—cost, speed, communications between staff and consumers. Therefore we have started looking into interactive more than media advertising." “The reason [for IM] is basically the increase in the number of computer users.” -Hotel/Tourism/Leisure, Japan -Media/ Entertainment/ Culture, Brazil IM varies by Sector and Industry Most countries spend the same amount of budgeting for IM. Services firms do more activities than products firms when it comes to traditional web, non-traditional web, and e-mail IM.

B2C (Business to Consumer) firms do more activities than B2B firms when it comes to traditional web and e-mail IM.

B2B spens more than B2C on IM.
Countries differences use different IM activities to reach their market.

Types of activities depend on the 5 parts of Strategy (Macro, Industry, Firm, Buyer, Product)

Level of industrialization and sectors create a major difference among countries. Keep in mind...
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