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Biology Ch. 7-8a Test

No description

Katelynn Dorn

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of Biology Ch. 7-8a Test

7.4 Human Genetics and Pedigrees
What are sex-linked traits?
How are they different from autosomal traits?
Write it Down
On your own piece of paper:
Describe what a pedigree is.
How do you interpret a pedigree chart?
What can you learn from it?
Discuss with your partner:
How can we map and study human chromosomes?
Biology Ch. 7-8a Test
Discussion Review
8.2 Structure of DNA
Watson, Crick, Franklin, Chargaff
Last Lesson
Structure of DNA
What are the three main parts of a DNA nucleotide monomer?

DNA is a polymer. What is the shape of DNA molecule?
DNA structure is the same in all organisms.
Write it down:
On your own:
Write down the four main nucleotide bases in DNA.
Which bases pair together?
7.2 Complex Patterns of Inheritance
Discuss with your partner:

How does the environment affect a person's phenotype?
Define and give examples ofthe following with your partner on a sheet of paper:
incomplete dominance
polygenic trait
Write it down: With your partner, write down what some of the famous scientists did that led to our current knowledge of how DNA looks.
On your own, write the complementary sequence of DNA that would go with this strand according to the base pairing rules:

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