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Venezuela and the Guianas!

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Kim Kovacic

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Venezuela and the Guianas!

Venezuela and the Guianas!
Venezuela was home to a small tribe of South American Indians
-Was conquered by Spanish in the early 1500's
Venezuela became independent in the 1800's

Spanish Settlement
Spanish came to search for gold and pearls but found little gold!
-Invested time and work into Agriculture
Grew indigo (deep blue dye)
Because the people of Venezuela were living in poverty, they revolted against Spain
-Simon Bolivar was considered to be the hero of the South American countries, led wars for independence
1821- Venezuela won fight but did not officially gain independence until 1830

1800's: Venezuela suffered from dictatorships and civil wars
1900's: Oil was discovered but wealthy leaders kept the oil money to themselves
**People of Venezuela did not benefit from their country's oil wealth
People/ Culture
Descended from Native Indians, Europeans & Africans
Mixed Indian and European races
2% of the population is Native Indian
Language: Spanish
Religion: Roman Catholic
25 languages are spoken in Venezuela besides Spanish!!!
Enjoy dancing, sports, rodeos, baseball and soccer
Life & Economy
In North: Llaneros (Venezuela cowboys) work on ranches, but also practice traditional agriculture
1960's: Venezuela finally started earning money from their oil, which allowed luxuries but many still lived in poverty
1980's: Oil prices dropped sharply, to where the money from the oil could not support the country's people
Economy is still based on oil
OPEC Member: Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
->Control world's oil production & keeps prices from dropping low
Different Perspectives
You are either a member of Venezuela's government, a wealthy person or someone living in poverty.

A recent rise in oil prices has brought unexpected income into the country.

With your group, discuss what you think should be done with the extra money based on your group membership.

You will plan a skit expressing your proposal and each person in your group will have an active role or speaking part in the skit.(Write it down)
****Your skit should be at least 30 seconds

Simon Bolivar is often compared to George Washington. Why do you think this is so? Think of characteristics that the two may share.

First president was in 1959, but has since dealt with economic turmoil
2002: Hugo Chavez started to distribute the country's oil income equally among all Venezuelans
Millions went on strike to protest the presidents actions and a failing economy
Strike: group of workers stopping work until their demands are met
Wanted Chavez to resign
Because of the strike, Venezuelan economy suffered and the country's oil exports fell
Called for a referendum: recall vote, to see if Chavez should remain in office
58% of the country voted for Chavez and he remained in office
Adopted New policies to help end poverty, illiteracy and huger
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