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No description

cerys willis

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of PGL

P G L arents et ost When you first arrive you go and play games to get to know the leader. The food was yummy Top ten tips for surrvival 10. dont sing to loudly on the coach mr price gets annoyed 9. dont be mean to the leaders or they will make you a dare 8. make sure you wear very warm clothes 7. push yourself and do better than you can or you will hate yourself 6. never put too much salt on your dinner 5. Try and make sure no one takes a photo of you that looks like this 4. dont scream when Mr Price tells "scary" stories 3.dont be scared of heights 2.try NOT to snore 1. DO have Fun Tunneling The Zip wire Bedrooms Most of the rooms had 2 bunk beds, a bath\shower and a toilet Absailing ask to take the b what someone thought about tunneling goes here Hello mr Price It was scary but fun walking up the stairs.
Molly davies Dry conoeing what everyone thought of it what they thought of conoeing Everywhere around the building we saw pictures of diffrent people on each activite WACKY RACES We had to do all sorts of weird races like the lottery race where we had to pretend that we had won the lottery before acting out a dog eating the winning ticket and us being devestated. Fencing In fencing we had to wear heavy clothes a helmet and gloves to protect us from being hit by the sword. Climbing Before climbing we had to learn 2 knots the figure of eight and the stopper knot then we had to put on our harness and helmets and do the starfish so the instructor could check us. Aero ball When we played aero ball we had to get in to pairs and name ourselfs something like big and small then we had a mini tournament to find out who was the best. what someone thought about fencing In absailing we had to get a harness on, climb up loads of stairs then carefilly follow the instructions that the instructors gave us.
hold on
turn around
lean back
walk down the wall The ACTIVITIES In Tunneling we had to put on helmets to make sure we dont bang our heads and knee pads to protect our knnes when we're crawling around. When you got in you were in a damp chamber and your instructor told you to get into pairs. Once you had done that you got told that their were two tunnels and to get to the end you had to follow the left hand side or the right hand side of the wall. Mountain biking When we did mountain biking we had to be fitted with a bike and a helmet before we went into a netball court to practise gong over bumps which the instructors had set up for us It was fun and i would to like to do it again!
pic Achery What someone thought about it We played lots of games in archery but one of the best ones was the future telling. some one saying something. Jacobs ladder what someone thought about it For Jacobs ladder we had to wear a harness and helmet You were in a small group and had to climb up a huge ladder. Every pole you passed the gap got bigger and bigger. Trapeeze I liked it the first time but the second time I loved it because I got to the top.
Holly Mills On the trapezze you had to climb up a telegraph pole Get onto a platform Stand up AND JUMP VERTICAL CHALLANGE WHAT SOMEONE THOUGHT ABOUT IT On the vertical challange you had to pass through four diffrent challanges which were all vertical.
the rope ladder
the tyres
the climbing wall
and the net The Giant Swing what some one thought about it On the Giant Swing we had to get into partners, let the instructors clip us onto a metal pole and get pulled up to the top. Once you were up to the top one person had to pull a yellow cord. After you had swung down you would join the rest of the class and help pull the next person up. Initiative exercises pic what someone thought about it Night activaties Ambush someones thoughts about it over all it was FUN
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