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v1 Web of Texts

No description

Smera Palanivel

on 2 June 2016

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Transcript of v1 Web of Texts

No Summit Out of Sight, Linda LeBlanc
Of Mice and Men,
John Steinbeck
Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare
Night, Elie Wiesel
Smera Palanivel
My Web of Texts
This book is first on the list due to its low complexity and fairly easy reading level. However, it was a captivating and interesting book that kept me hooked. It follows the story of
Jordan Romero, a boy who climbed Mount Everest at thirteen years old and also the Seven Summits by the age of fifteen. It had a theme of courage and motivation and conveyed that you can do anything if you put your heart in it.
Night was a very moving book that was about Elie Wiesel's experience at the concentration camps. At first, I thought it would be just another memoir we read in class. But soon enough, I realized that it was a very interesting memoir that was very informational. I would highly recommend it. It
taught me a lot about people's beliefs in god and how your will to survive can make you an exceptionally strong person.
Of Mice and Men comes third due to the fact that its language was a slight bit hard to understand in some situations. I also did not enjoy this book as much as the other books we read in class due to it being a bit dull and it being a little too short. However, it was very different in the sense that it gave me an outlook into farm life in the twentieth century
and the amount of racism that took place, even though it was almost a century after the Civil War. It also showed how women were discriminated against as well.
Romeo and Juliet is last on my Web of Texts because it was by far the most complex text we read this year in terms of it having language from the 1400's. But, it was a very well written play with lots of humor, especially in the most serious parts of the play. Shakespeare was a man who loved to write about death, and almost all of
his plays convey that message. This play is about love and how people will go to great lengths to get true love, even if it means death. It was quite long but a very intriguing play nonetheless.
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