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Mountain View, CA

No description

Iris Agrafiotis

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Mountain View, CA

Mountain View
Many of the largest technology companies in the world are headquartered in the city.

7 sites on the Environmental Protection Agency's Final National Priorities List (NPL)
Thursday, May 1, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
City Background
Located in the heart of Silicon Valley
Community defined by distinctive neighborhoods, diverse residents, a rich natural environment and a desirable quality of life
Began as an agricultural community in the late 19th century
Served as a stagecoach stop on the route between San Francisco and San Jose
Development of the aerospace and electronics industries post WWII
Rebirth of the Downtown in the 1990s
Castro Street was redesigned as an attractive, pedestrian-friendly street
As of 2006, Mountain View is a mix of residential and industry development
Castro St is a transportation hub (bus, light rail and train)
Castro St is also a modern strip with amazing variety of restaurants, cafes, breweries, bars and gift shops.
High technology is the foundation of the local economy
Located on the north end of State Route 85 on the San Francisco Peninsula
Bounded by Palo Alto, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Moffett Federal Airfield, and the San Francisco Bay.
Has a total area of 12.3 sq. mi.
Consists of residential neighborhoods and business parks
Warm-summer Mediterranean climate

Mountain View, CA
A. Integration of sustainability goals into official planning

Integration of Sustainability
C.Elements/Sections in Comprehensive Plan v.s. Matrix.
How do the two documents define/divide sustainability themes - do the sections match up?
A. ReCal results
B. Incorporation and Integration of Sustainability into Comprehensive Plan
1. The specific plan sets up a timeline of target along with strategies on how the plan is going to be achieved.

2. Specific strategies on how to reduce green house gasses are in the green house impact planning, in, which includes energy saving feature in residential and non-residential.

3. Further strategies regarding storm water retention and drainage can be found in the Environmental impact planning.

4. All the sustainability goals are still on the level planning suggestion, not as an enforced policy.

Our score: 0.594

Our score is just a bit short of 0.6, which indicates “a fair amount of agreement” among our group members
Observation and Evaluation of Process
3. Rating Criteria are Qualitative, not Quantitative
The best practice matrix itself calls for a plan that is

fact based: evidence-based
description and analysis of current and future conditions, in terms of the community’s land, development environment, economy and population” (Content)

However, the matrix itself uses relatively
terms that
do not include any quantitative definitions

land-use mix for fiscal sustainability is characterized by a pattern of land-use that includes both residential and nonresidential uses, such as the long-term cost of providing a
desirable level
of public services to residents, business owners, and visitors is
closely matched
to the tax or user-fee revenue generated by those uses.” (Resilient Economy)

The above terms could be furthered defined with
descriptions such as numbers and percentages to better gauge the efficacy of a plan. This also encourages
higher specificity
in the process of drafting a plan.
1. Unclear Language
2. Scoring System
4. Accountable Implementation Section
B. Observations of Process
5. No Two Plans Are Alike
use of jargon/ professional language
in the matrix may cause
among the general public,
affecting their ability to rank the plans in an accurate manner
. Although definitions are provided for certain terms, there is still room for improvement in conveying their meaning in a simplistic and understandable manner.

prior knowledge
on planning policies are usually required to make sense of the scoring criteria. How can changing the language help
ease burden
on people for not understanding the language and background of planning?

For example, on the topic of responsible regionalism, one of such practices is defined as:

Coordinate local and regional housing plan goals: A regional housing plan is any officially adopted plan assessing current housing conditions and describing or depicting desirable future housing conditions across a
area. These plans include state-mandated regional
“fair share”
plans establishing target affordable housing unit allocations among constituent jurisdictions.

Possible questions that may arise include:
What are the jurisdictions in this area?
What are the current state policies on affordable housing that may be relevant?
Where can I find supplemental information about these policies of my specific city?
Group Matrix Results
Results of Our Analysis
Thank you to Professor Acey, Emily, and Hannah for a wonderful class and great semester!
Caltrain commuter rail
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) light rail
San Jose International Airport (SJC)
San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
Oakland International Airport (OAK)
Free IEEE 802.11g wireless internet service for all of the city provided by Google
Defining Achievement
Responsible Regionalism:

Coordinate local open space plans with regional green infrastructure plans

“A local open space plan is any
officially adopted functional plan or comprehensive plan element
describing or depicting desirable future locations or conditions for open space within a local jurisdiction"
Definition of Accountable Implementation:

“ensure that responsibilities for carrying out the plan are clearly stated, along with metrics for evaluating progress in achieving desired outcomes”

Evaluation Components of "Accountable Implementation" section:

5. Use
, targets, & other metrics to
implementation progress.

Regularly report
implementation status following plan adoption.
Should this section be eliminated? Should we be evaluating an Action Plan instead of a General Plan?
Example San Francisco’s Recology Waste Program
“At this time, the working group believes that the best application of the standards will be to use them
in the

preparation of comprehensive plans
now underway or contemplated to be prepared in the near future. In this way planners can
use the standards as a resource
to help guide their thinking about how to incorporate sustainability into community planning. In essence they would form the
basis for self-evaluation
of the degree to which sustainability criteria are built into contemporary comprehensive plans“
Limitations of a Framework
Creative Problem Solving
Best Practice
Between 1950 and 1960
Population grew from 6,563 to 30,889
370.7% increase
2000 census
70,708 people
31,242 households
15,902 families
2007 estimate
Median income for a household was $82,648
Median income for a family was $105,079
2010 United States Census
74,066 people
33,881 housing units
Council-manager government system
Executive city manager in charge of several departments
City council responsible for ordinances of the city code
City clerk and attorney perform supporting roles
Community Development Department responsible for planning and zoning.
Federally, Mountain View is in California's 18th congressional district.
The most recent (2010) racial makeup
56.0% White
26.0% Asian
21.7% Hispanic
2.2% African American
0.5% Native American
0.5% Pacific Islander
9.8% from other races
5.1% from 2+ races.
Overview of Sustainability Efforts
The Environmental Task Force:
A group of residents appointed by the Mayor to recommend achievable actions to create a sustainable environment.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program:
Developed concurrently with the General Plan to address emissions over time.

Green Building Standards:
A policy of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requiring Silver certification or better for all public new construction.

Reusable Bag Ordinance:
An ordinance to prevent harm to marine life, damage to stormwater utility systems, reduce litter and waste, and conserve natural resources.
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program
Mountain View
Points of Interest
Pedestrian-friendly downtown centered on Castro Street
Concentration of restaurants, cafes, and shops
Plaza shared by City Hall, the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts (MVCPA) and the Mountain View Public Library
Pioneer Park
Peninsula Youth Theatre and TheatreWorks
Holds the annual Mountain View Art & Wine Festival on Castro Street
Farmer's market in the Caltrain parking lot every Sunday morning
Thursday Night Live (TNL)
Shoreline Park
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Shoreline Golf Course, and the Rengstorff House
Stevens Creek
Wind Tunnel Facilities of NASA Ames Research Center
Large blimp hangar at the former Navy base of Moffett Field airfield
Iris Agrafiotis | Tina Behjat | Jacqueline Chan | Xue Yun Gao | Marie Koesnodihardjo | Ronaldo Wiguna
General sustainability goal is integrated into the official planning. Two further planning addressing environmental impact and greenhouse impact planning serves as further details regarding the sustainability goal.

Main Goal For Each District
The General Plan does not follow the matrix in terms of applying the category. The way the sustainability issue is being addressed is by having it dispersed and inserted into the each category in the general plan. There are sub categories such as Livable Built Environment, Harmony with Nature, etc.

This general planning section only addressed the physical aspect of the facilities, while lacking in addressing social aspect of equity itself.

Walkability/Sustainability Video
Quite a bit of similarities within our total scores
A few major disparities in opinions during certain categories
Most sections contain close total scores
Usually one to two outliers
Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Concerns?
The End - Thank You!
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