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Welcome to OCR

Join our network for prospective examiners and assessors for more information about what assessing with OCR is all about.

Assessor Communications

on 3 March 2017

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Transcript of Welcome to OCR

Welcome to Assessing with OCR
Como se prepara a dose individual?
: 70 kg 10 mCi = 370 MBq
+10 kg +1 mCi
protetor de tungsténio
No ecrã
Escolha de parâmetros característicos:
Antes de se injetar o radiofármaco...

...o paciente vai para uma sala onde preenche o seu histórico médico:
doenças anteriores
patologia atual e o tratamento feito
mulher - período de amamentação
fatores que podem influenciar a interpretação
Requesitos para realizar o exame:
estar em jejum
não fazer esforço físico horas antes
(influência na distribuição do radiofármaco)
Depois da injeção...
ambiente calmo
luz fraca
temperatura adequada
descanso absoluto
Would you like to know more about Assessing with OCR, the online network for prospective examiners and assessors?

Want to find out more about becoming an
examiner or
with us?
The network provides information about different assessment roles, the benefits of becoming an examiner or assessor, how to apply, and guidance
on completing
your application
You’ll get the chance to apply a mark scheme to some example responses, meet the Examiner and Assessor team at OCR, and participate in live conversations with members of our Advisory Group of Examiners and Assessors, who
will be able to provide
first hand experiences
of examining and
assessing and answers
to any questions you
may have.
Yammer is web-based so you can log in from your computer, tablet or mobile.
Simply email:

with a request to be invited to the Assessing with OCR network.
Once you receive an invitation you will be asked to register using your work email address – in this case, this is your own personal email address that should be used. NB: please check your spam settings/folder as the invitation message can end up there if your account doesn’t recognise the sender address – Yammer.com
Once you have joined the network you’ll have access to a range of information about assessment tasks and how you would complete them.
Interested in examining or assessing with OCR, but not quite sure what's involved?
Join our online network for prospective examiners and assessors
If you'd like to become a member of Assessing with OCR, the online network for prospective examiners and assessors, simply email: assessor.communications@ocr.org.uk with a request to be invited to join.
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