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Physical Rehab

No description

Kalani D

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of Physical Rehab

Physical Rehabilitation Center and Apartments
How it Benefits the Community
Hurt/injured its helps you get back on your feet

Its also local and saves people traveling long distances to get help there injury's.

It is at a low cost and affordable for the community

The Costs
Cost of Physical Therapy=

Chairs $30
10 Desks (reception) $750
Pool (9mx4m) $100,000
15 Trees (evergreens) $900
5 Trees (boobillia) $11
Spa (2x2) $50,000
Boxwood hedges
3pcs set adirondack chair outdoor furniture garden beach deck folding white $259.95
therapy equipment $5,637.46
Why We Chose Rehab?
We figured that the community needed a place to relax when they are hurt or are undergoing treatment.

It is an environmentally friendly structure

Physical Rehabilitation is a beneficial act for your body and will get you back to being healthy.
The Location
Peaceful and serene environment

Away from railways and main streets;

The Apartments
Roomy and luxurious
Includes a bedroom, lounge room, bathroom and kitchen,

Run on solar panels

Wheelchair accessible and for those suffering from a injury.
The Interior
Subtle, peaceful colors like Lavender, Light Blue and Light Green etc.

Spacious seating

Beautiful outdoor areas

Many apartments available

Design is classic modern.
The exterior is full of peaceful and graceful colors with lovely plants and flowers. there is a pool and a spa for water therapy and a small retreat to relax after undergone treatment.
Our Task
In groups of 2-3 you are to become town planners.

Identify a need in the community for a new building/structure/transport system etc or revitalise an old one.

How will you determine what is needed?
Brainstorm with your partner ideas, take your ideas to another group and see what they think the town needs to help further its development. Be realistic about your ideas.
You may even want to discuss further with family members or friends.

You will need to present your idea with plans, model and reasoning to your local council (S3M and S3L).

What to include:
Title of building
Location and why it is best suited there.
What need it is addressing
Why it is needed in the community. How did you determine this?
A drawn labeled design including materials.
Finally A 3D model or model online using floorplanner or something similar.

You will be marked on choice of building/system and how well you can justify your reasons for it.
Well presented and organised work (effort and contribution)
Choices within your design - including sustainability, functionality (how well people can move within, around or use), aesthetically pleasing (nice to look at) and choice of materials.

Outside Area and reception
Why we chose Environmentally Friendly?

Storm water can cause waterway erosion, flooding, and carry pollutants into water sources.
- affordable costs with a pay back period of seven years,

- Environmentally friendly and runs on rain water and solar panels.

- mobility accessible

- community accessible

-serene environment/ away from railways and high ways

Solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun
- Parking

- Cost of Staff

- Lots/Cost of Maintenance

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