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Medal of Honor

By Yousef and Zachary

lib hist

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor
Different: Ross A. McGinnis
Ross died saving his comrads from a granade by diving onto the granade
Served in Iraq
Didn't kill anyone
Was 19 when he died
Was a private 1st class
Different: Leonard A. Funk
Both saved lives
Both in the military
Both Selfless
Both Heroic
Both had quick reflexes
Both obtained a purple heart
By Zachary Langfitt
Yousef Alsharif
Saved comrads lives from imprisonment from Germans
Killed 20 Germans using quick reflexes
Served in World War 2
Leonard survied the attack
Died at age 76 (after retiring)
Was a 1st Sergeant
Was given 3 purple hearts
Killed 21 people to save his comrads
Leonard A. Funk Story
Funk told four men to guard about 80 German prisinors as he scouted ahead. After Funk had left a German patrol of 10 freed the 80 prisinors and took the four men hostage. as funk came back a German officer took a gun and aimed it straight at Funk. Funk found this funny and started to laugh. while the Germans where distracted Funk took out his gun and opened fire. He freed his men and killed 20 Germans while the rest surrenderd
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