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Lizzie Borden Case

She hacked her parents to death with an axe

tia peck

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Lizzie Borden Case

Lizzie Borden Case Our Theory * we believe that Lizzie andrew Borden murdered her stepmother and father in their home in Fall River, mass. on
august 4th 1892..... 4 reasons why? 1) the day before the murder, Lizzie
visited The local pharmacy, and attempted
to purchase prussic acid (poison) whitness Bridget Sullivan- Borden family servant- in the home at the time of the murders Extra Evidence Bibliography LIzzie Borden Case. 10/16/12. <http://www.law2.umkc.edu> By: Tia Peck & Abbie Oglesby Lizzie 2). on august 7th 1892, Alice Russell saw lizzie burning her blue dress in the kitchen fireplace, the same one she was wearing on the day of the murder.. She claimed that it had red paint stains on it....... and the police found no source of red paint in the Borden Home! 3). Lizzie had a strained relationship with her stepmother, they ate most meals seperately and barely spoke... lizzie informed the police that she always adressed Abby as Stepmother not "Mother" 4). There were no signs of forced entry into the Borden home and they always locked there home, for safety.. and after the bodies were "found" Lizzie didnt leave the home..... She was the only person in the home Autopsy Mr. Borden had 40 blows to the front/side of his skull Mrs. Borden had 41 blows
to the back of her head The Crime Scene Scenes where Mr. and Mrs. Borden were found
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