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Why do Azerbaijani people in Baku wear dark clothes?

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Sarkhan Huseynov

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Why do Azerbaijani people in Baku wear dark clothes?

Azerbaijani people's preference to wear dark clothes. The goal of the research Conclusion To find out the reasons of Azerbaijani people's preference to wear clothes in dark colors. People tend to wear dark colors because of low income.
People aged above 40 tend to wear clothes in dark colors.
The colder weather is the darker clothes are. Hypothesis Azerbaijani people living in Baku- Baku residents of Azerbaijani national men and women above 25.
Dark colors- black, dark brown, navy and dark grey.
Clothes- outfits as coats, trousers, skirts/dresses. Conceptualization of the survey Results According to the survey the following hypothesis were supported: Video Why dark colors? Operationalization Measurement of peoples' dark color preference by taking into consideration the frequency of wearing dark clothes and the percentage of dark clothes in their wardrobe. Data Collection Method 1 Sampling method:
- non-probability purposive sampling- the units to be observed are selected on the basis of our judgement about which units could be more useful. Units of study:
Criteria - Azerbaijani
- men and women
- Baku resident
- aged above 25 Size of sampling- 50 respondents (10 respondent per area) Baku areas: Data Collection Method 2 The Questionnaire: Nizami district
Narimanov district
Khatai district
Surakhani district
Sabail district consists of 12 open-ended, close-ended, multiply choice questions;
the questionnaire was pretested;
the interview survey. Ethics of survey survey was conducted anonymously;
norm of confidentiality was maintained and no respondent was psychologically damaged as a result of the survey. Appearance Fashionable Seasons Environment My story Air pollution forces people to wear dark colors.People believe that dark colors make them look slimmer.People consider dark color as fashionable. Appearance
Weather Limitations People hesitated to say their income.

Time and budget restrictions. Azerbaijan Europe THANK YOU!

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