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Tripletts Social Facilitation and Social Facilitation

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arhun mohammed

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Tripletts Social Facilitation and Social Facilitation

Norman Triplett 1861 - 1931
Famous Psychologist
Attended Indiana University
The first to publish findings on Social psychology which is the study of a persons behaviors when effected by others.
created experiments on social facilitation and social impairment and learning Norman and social facilitation Norman Tripletts idea for the experiment first started when he first notice cyclist and their race time. When riding against the clock, the cyclist had a different time of completion compared to their times in an actual race. In a race their times surprisingly turned out to be better than their times when against a clock.This observation led him to create his experiment to test this new idea. Norman tripletts social facilitation experiment 40 kids
1 set of kids alone
1 set of kids in pairs
Objective: Reel in a certain amount of fishing line Norman Triplett found that the kids with partners reeled in the fishing line faster than the kids who worked alone proving the theory of social facilitation and introducing the co-action affect. Kids with partners kids without partners Fastest workers Social Facilitation "Social Facilitation." Www.simplypsychology.org. N.p., 2011. Web. 04 Jan. 2013 social facilitation is when one individual is affected in a task when another individual in present in assistance.Social Facilitation is one of the many parts of what is known now as social psychology. many of things are affected by social facilitation. An example social facilitation would be among ants.The way ants work, they have to have alot of teamwork and help.Ants get the job done with the help of other ants. One ant alone will not have the enthusiasm to get a job done but with a group of co-helpers along with the ant boosts his motivation to complete his task.Another example would be the crowd in a sport.If a crowd is not very enthusiastic about the team, the players confidence lowers causing them to perform bad, but increase the order of the crowd and the confidence rises in the players.Social facilitation is a very common thing in the social world. "Social Facilitation: How and When Audiences Improve Performance." PsyBlog RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Jan. 2013 Experiment Norman Tripletts Social Facilitation Co-action effect - phenomenon where task performance is increased with the presence of another doing the same task raise your left hand then raise your right hand and say IRISH WRIST WATCH Norman Triplett. 1996. Photograph. St.Plous
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