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English articles: a, an, the

An introduction to grammar rules on English articles: an, an, the.

Bohdana Yamaguchi

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of English articles: a, an, the

I ate an apple today.
I would like an egg for breakfast.
Do you want an orange? use an before nouns that start with vowels
singular noun
countable noun
general reference
first mention an apple an egg an orange a banana use a before nouns that start with consonants
singular noun
countable noun
general reference
first mention a dog a cupcake I ate a banana this morning.
A dog is a great pet.
Would you like a cupcake? Did you see the moon tonight? But remember!
The use of a or an depends on the beginning sound. a horse
This "h" sound is pronounced. an hourglass
This "h" sound is silent. a unicycle
This "u" sound is pronounced. an umbrella
This "u" sound is silent. use the before singular and plural nouns when the noun is specific or particular
second mention
count or noncount nouns
before geographical nouns The Eiffel Tower is in France. My dog is the little brown one. I saw a grey cat. The cat was very cute! the a an some use with plural nouns
countable or uncountable
means a number of, a few,
a pair of, a piece of I would like some milk in my coffee. Would you like some cake? She ate some candies. any negative statements
questions Can I get you any food? There isn't any cake left. Articles
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