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The History of Hip- Hop

No description

Brittney Cleark

on 6 March 2018

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Transcript of The History of Hip- Hop

African American Music
From its origins in the disco, graffiti and break-dancing scenes of the '70s, hip-hop has grown to embody postmodern media--borrowing voraciously from the past and reworking it in a way that appeals to the mind as well as the hips.¨

Jamaican culture
Legendary rappers
Rapper delight was 1979 single and inspired hip hop to spread

Tupac was a legendary rapper who spoke on police brutality the effects of being black in America and opened the door so that we as society can speak of difficult problems through rap.

When Hip-Hop started
Hip-Hop started in the Bronx of New York

Started in 1970s

Founded by the Black and Latino
This is a video and picture of Colive Campbell aka DJ Kool
tupac Music


Clive Campbell was from Jamaica and one of the founders of hip hop

The first hip hop dj was DJ kool and immigrant from Jamaica

Rap-was inspired by jamaican culture

Hip hop has changed to a large variety to Lil pump to Drake
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