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Ian Palestri

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Latin Portfolio
The Caerimonia translation I felt effected me the most because I used a lot less of the vocabulary charts for the words in the summary. I felt that i knew and understood a lot more then the previous translations. I also decided to do the about the langauge before i did this translation and this helped me a lot with understanding the relative clauses throughout.
This year learning and memorizing all the verb and noun endings was definitely giving me the most trouble this year. Although after studying them and applying them during my test i feel that i have got them down pretty well. Seeing all the patterns throughout the charts really was the thing that helped me the most to memorize them. I feel with just a little more practice in the next few stages I will have them down pat.
Final Video's
Increased Vocab
Latin has improved my English by helping me learn prefixes and suffix meanings. I felt that throughout my two years of Latin when I am looking at English words that i don't know the meaning of the studying of Latin roots and grammar help me better understand the meaning of the word.

One of my favorite culture sections was doing my drawing for the final project. I liked how it incorporated drawing and research to create a painting from Roman times. I learned a lot doing this project not just about the paintings themselves but the meaning of them to the Romans. They all meant something different such as telling a story about certain family. They also could represent wealth and power.
Final Reflection
This year in Latin I definitely improved in my Latin skills of translating and understanding grammar. I feel much more confident taking grammar assessments and working through stages. Although I have also saw that I need to work harder by myself such as assigning myself homework. I felt like I have improved on that from last year though, and hopefully I will keep on improving on it for years to come.
I see myself connecting to the Romans and there "dead" language by relating it to everyday life. Everyone uses Latin at least once a day most likely more you just don't know it. Since I take Latin and understand it I know when I do and it is a lot. You would be surprised how much Latin helps with English vocabulary also.
There was a large crowd of people in the atrium. Quintus and Salvius recognize a statue in the middle of the atrium. It is a statue of the king that the emperor, Claudius crafted. The king arrives and everyone falls silent to greet him. The king who is an old man was led by a small boy. Once he reached the statue, he poured wine as an offering. The priest then leads the victim to the king and he inspects him carefully. He sacrifices the king and the priest sacrifices other victims. British chiefs carry the statue out into the courtyard where the king torches it. While everyone is watching intently, they see an eagle fly out from the statue. They claim that it is Claudius' spirit climbing up to God.
Latin root Basic meaning Example words
-dict- to say contradict, dictate, predict
-duc- to lead, bring, take produce, reduce
-gress- to walk digress, progress,
-ject- to throw project, reject, subject
-pel- to drive impel, repel
-pend- to hang append, depend, impend,
-port- to carry import, report, support
-scrib-, -script- to write describe, subscribe,
-tract- to pull, drag, draw attract, extract,

These are my videos from the begging of the year and the end of the year. While doing both of these i feel that i knew much more at the end of Latin year 2. I saw myself improving while i was answering the questions to the translation because i knew and understood most of the questions. With a little more practice i feel i will be able to translated any Latin thrown at me.
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