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Domestic Abuse

No description

Destiny Ortiz

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Domestic Abuse

Who Exactly Are the Victims?
Domestic Abuse
What does it mean?
When two people get involved in a abusive relationship
It can be a past or present relationship
Married or separated
Homosexual or Heterosexual

Domestic-Having to do with what goes on in a household


Domestic violence not only endangers the partners involved but the children who have to witness it

Children are the forgotten victims that are also affected.
Types of Abuse
Physical- Involves hitting, punching, kicking, shoving choking, force of alcohol and/or drug use and homicide

Emotional- Threatening the partner's loved ones, stalking, name-calling, intimidating, not letting the partner see friends or family and threatening the children

Sexual- Any sexual activity that doesn't have the consent of the partner

Psychological- use of words, gestures and weapons to communicate the intent of harm
Some Causes of Domestic Abuse
Substance abuse is one factor
Stress caused by unemployment, difficult living situations and low job satisfaction
Many abusers are abused themselves as children or grew up in a household where it occurred

I wanted a better understanding
I've witnessed it
I know more people than I should who have also witnessed it
To find the link between child mistreatment
Why Victims Stay and the Effect
Limited financial resources or they believe the partner will change
The effect is they are more likely to suffer from staying in these relationships are substance abuse, eating disorders, depression and other mental and physical problems
This makes it difficult to support and nurture their children
More than three million children who witness domestic abuse suffer from mental and physical problems such as these because of domestic violence.
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