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Andria D'Errico

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Weather

Water Cycle
Clouds and Weather Systems
Watch this video on types of clouds.
Atmosheric Movement and Weather
Weather Data and Climate
Geographical Influences on Weather and Climaate
Vocabulary Review
Sea breeze vs. Land Breeze
Sea Breeze
1.blows from sea onto the land
2.blows during the days
3.also known as onshore breeze
Land Breeze :-
1.blows from land onto the sea
2.blows during the night
3.also known as offshore breeze
What is weather?
Valley Breeze vs. Mountain Breeze
Mountain Breeze
1. The wind blows from the mountain
down into the valley
2. Blows during the nights.
Valley Breeze
1. The wind blows from the valley up the
2. Blows during the day.
Click to see a video on air masses and fronts
What is a Meterologist?
Click to watch a video
What is climate
Click to watch a video
Predicting Weather
Full transcript