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The MS World Discoverer

No description

Mr. Stack

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of The MS World Discoverer

The MS World Discoverer
This ship was built by a German man by the name of Schichau Unterwser. The MS World Discoverer was first launched in 1974. The World Discoverer was made as a cruise ship in Germany.
The Size Of The
The length of this large ship was 287 ft. This metal beast was 3724 TONS (or 7,440,000 pounds)! The draft was 15 feet 11 inches the beam was 49 ft long. It could hold 255 passengers and another 255 crew members with a total of 510 people on board at once! With a depth of about 8.72 meters!
Where She Went
In her lifetime she visited the Falkland Islands and the Arctic Ocean. She lived a good 25 years before crashing.
How did she sink?
Nobody shot or sank her. She sunk at Roderick Bay in the Florida Islands on April 11,2000. She struck a reef or a rock causing the ship's downfall forcing passengers and crewmembers to escape the sinking ship.
Extra Facts
All 99 passengers went unharmed by the accident, but the cruise remains untouched with it's wooden deck rotting.
Her oil tank is rusting, the rust would cause a hole making the oil escape which would result the water being polluted.
The rock it hit stabed a hole in her hull.
She had 7 decks. It had 75-80 crew members.
Boat from the sky
Antoinette Bravo
Mr.T Stack
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