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Dani Whitbread

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Somatotypes

Somatotypes in Sport...
- Your Healthy, Active Body
Lesson Objectives...
Which Somatotype?
The Scoring System...
1) To learn the different body types (somatotypes)
2) Explain the effect each can have on participation and performance, including identifying activities where different body types are an advantage
- A lot of body fat
- A lot of fat on the upper arms and thighs
- Wide hips and narrow shoulders
- Fairly slim wrists and ankles
- Very little muscle or body fat
- Narrow hips and shoulders
- Thin legs and arms
- A narrow chest and abdomen
- Thin face
All performers are made up of these 3 extreme body types/somatotypes
Most people have a mixture of mesomorphic, endomorphic and ectomorphic characteristics

A person's somatotype can be graded using a scoring system....
A person is given 3 scores between 1 and 7 according to how well they conform to each of the extreme somatotypes

1 is a low score
7 is a high score

For example:
Low endomorph
High mesomorph
Low ectomorph
Are all players in a team exactly the same?
- Sport specific
- Position specific

?? What differences are there in your sport ??
... small
- Very little body fat
- A muscular body
- Broad shoulders and narrow hips
- Strong forearms and thighs
Different Somatotype, different position?
Peter Stringer
Height: 5"7
Weight: 11st
Position: Scrum Half
Soane Tonga'uiha
Height: 6"3
Weight: 21st
Position: Prop
Charlie Sharples
Height: 6"0
Weight: 14 st
Position: Wing
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