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What are the phisical features of

No description

Hayden Forrest

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of What are the phisical features of

What are the physical features of
Ancient china

General facts about the Gobi Desert
#The Gobi Desert is the only desert containing bears
The Gobi Dessert gets to temperatures as high as 40 degrees in summer and as low as -40 winter.

In spring and fall it is sometimes very dangerous because the can go very fast and are able to blow you away.

The Gobi desert being so big has many different weather conditions including snow rain drought.
In many parts of the Gobi desert there are no sand dunes.
chinese names
The Gobi desert has many chinese names including Hànhǎi (endless sea) Shāmò (A generic term for desert) and han-hal (Dry Sea)
in conclusion the gobi desert is a very big and wonderful place that makes china and mongolia what it is today because it has made them adapt to hash climates .
#It is the last place containing wild bactrain camels
#The desert is also home to wild donkeys
The Gobi desert covers much of the southern part of mongolia and china it covers about 1,295,000 kilometres squared and is the 5th biggest desert in the world
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