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30 Things About Me

No description

Rabsa Naseer

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of 30 Things About Me

My name is Rabsa. My favorite Color is Green! GREEN! I have one sister and a mom and dad. I placed 8th in the state science fair in 6th grade. I once had 9 pet rabbits! I play the flute at school and I am teaching myself piano at home. I have traveled to many different countries before including Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, and Canada. My family and I love to watch movies and go fishing. My parents and their siblings and parents are from Bangladesh. My favorite animal is the barn owl and i like hummingbirds. My favorite movies are The Twilight Saga and the Guardians of Ga'Hoole My favorite hobbies are photography, art, and music. My favorite phrase is . . . I am terrified of spiders! My favorite season is fall, I love the cool weather. Two of my most favorite restaurants are Little Tai Pei and BangBang I want to travel to Bangkok, Thailand one day. My favorite school subjects are music, art, and science. I love swimming and badminton. If I could obtain any super power i would choose telekinesis (moving things with the mind). My favorite plant would be a cherry blossom tree. I am very fond of wearing watches, i am so used to it that even when I am not wearing one I look down at my wrist. I have never broken or fractured any bones before. I have been a straight "A" student ever since I started school. My lowest was an "A" minus. I am an extreme perfectionist and I am very serious when it comes to school work. I am very competitive in all subjects. I like Ryan Higa videos. My favorite TV shows are Adventure Time and Monsters Inside Me If I could visit one of The 7 Wonders of The World I would visit the Great Barrier Reef or The Great Wall of China I do not believe in Bigfoot. The End Bangladeshi Tiger and Lotus Canadian Flag Saudi Arabia Fishing Movies Bangladesh Flag Barn Owl
(Tyto Alba) Twilight Saga Guardians of Ga'Hoole My favorite phrase Fake spider Fall Scene BangBang Mongolian Grill Little Tai Pei Bangkok Skyline Swimming Badminton A guy using telekinesis to move a chair! cherry blossoms piano and flute Silver watch what my grades look like A SUPER perfectionist I am competitive in sports and school. Adventure Time Monsters Inside Me Great Wall of China Great Barrier Reef Looks Fake To Me Bigfoot Ouch! A broken leg Puggles Are Weird

Baby Echidna Me
Mom Dad
Sister Me and my artwork. Part of my mom's family. Bunnies that are very similar to mine. I had a brown and white one, two brown ones, two white ones, a golden one, black one, black and white one, and a grey one. State Science Fair Logo Pictures I have Taken Niga Higa Dude VS. Desert I want to become a cardiologist (cardiac surgeon) when I grow up. Stethoscope This is me! 30 Amazing Things About Me One my most favorite songs is A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. Christina Perri
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