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Journey to Wellness

Lisa Laughter - Associate Director, Student Services Murrow College of Communication, Washington State University


on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Journey to Wellness

Journey to Wellness
Covered Today:
Importance of Wellness
Daily Practices
Four Agreements
Questions and Answers
Discuss the significance of maintaining personal well-being
Emphasize the importance of daily practices
Highlight personal & professional growth & development through self-care
The “Four Agreements”
Importance of
For ourselves
To be happier humans
For other relationships in our lives
The happier we are the better we can be for others
Setting a positive example
Lisa's Journey
Admissions Counselor - 6 years
Pre-Pharmacy Advisor - 2 years
Significant life changes
CACD Advisor - 5 years
Significant life changes
July 2009
December 2010
What doesn't make you happy
Money - People are happier with more $ only until they reach a point where they can pay for necceessities
More belongings
Mood altering drugs
Looking perfect
Susan Fluegel, PhD
Personality traits that lead to unhappiness
Blaming others for everything wrong in your life
Feeling/acting like a victim
Addicted to drama
Looking for others to ‘make’ you happy or ‘rescue’ you
Feeling like you are ‘owed’ something in life (entitlement)
Dwelling on mistakes
Susan Fluegel, PhD
"Happiness is not a matter
of intensity but of balance,
order, rhythm and harmony."
~Thomas Merton
What helps us become happier?
Research shows that healthy people are happier and happy people are healthier
Lifestyle and mental changes can increase your basic happiness level
Mental attitude and thoughts
Daily Practices
A journey
Get started!
Do it REGARDLESS of how we feel
Focus on PRACTICE not results,
Quality not the quantity
Natural Rhythm
Quality, not quantity
About the practice
Sacred Texts
Health & Wellbeing
Personal Deveopment
Self Mastery
Spiritual Path
Taking time for ourselves
Not something we are being judged on
What is true for you at the moment
4 G’s
10 things I am grateful for
5 good things I did today
5 Glitches
5 Goals for tomorrow
Self Assessment Tool: Self Care
Answer quickly
Top three things you noticed
One action today
Three actions this week
Accountability partner
What are you most grateful for/proud of this past year?
If I got to attempt only one more BIG achievement or project in my lifetime, what would it be?
What is the most important thing for me to do or achieve in the next 10 years?
to overcome negativity
1. Get to the root
2. Be real
3. Complete the “I’ll feel better when I …” sentence
4. Take responsibility
5. Think it out
6. Change the story in your head
7. Want to understand
8. Uplift yourself
9. Use the silly voice technique
10. Repeat
10 ways
The Four
don Miguel Ruiz
Be impeccable
with your word
Speak with integrity
Don't take
anything personally
Nothing others do is because of you
The way to gain a good reputation, is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear ~ Socrates
Don't make
Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want
Always do
your best
Your best is going to change from moment to moment
Keep your approach flexible
Every day, there are new problems and new solutions. Sometimes, one solution works and other times other solutions works. – Amit Bhatia
Define the things that are non-negotiable
Exercise every day, eat healthy, and sleep at least 7 hours no less than 6 hours a night. Consistency is the key for me. ~Billie Joe Heller
Imperfection & Chaos
Embrace imperfection and chaos
Give up perfection in one area to have the other in your life. ~Melanie Greenberg PhD
Creating work/life balance
Let the little things go
Don’t worry about certain little things. Remember this life is just a ride. Sit down and enjoy. When you are less worried you can finally live your life, and balance will show up when you don’t expect it. ~Kim Van Biezen
Creating work/life balance
Allow yourself to achieve flow
To be engaged at whatever I am doing, whenever I am doing it. What I do wholeheartedly energizes me, no matter what that is. It is only when I get into the pattern of getting through one thing in order to get to the next thing that I feel exhausted and overwhelmed. ~ Your To Be List (James McMahon and Lauren Rosenfeld)
Not all about WORK!
Don’t put all your eggs in your inbox
The key is to not expect more than work can actually provide. While it’s important to enjoy work, you can’t expect it to fulfill every aspect (passion, social, entertainment, etc.) ~Melissa Mizer Wilhel
What do you do?
Examples of what YOU DO to create this balance?
Other "Motto's"
Motto’s and Mantra’s
Accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference
Be honest with yourself and others
Use your talents in ways that interest you
Don’t expect to change anyone but yourself
If you don’t have your own plan’s you are a part of someone else’s
Desirability of the possible & possibility of the desirable
“Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.”  ~Unknown
Motto’s and Mantra’s
Live and let live
Don’t judge or criticize others or concern yourself with what they do
First things first
Do what’s most important – you’ll get more done. It’s a great way to organize your time and energy
Hold back that rash word or thoughtless action
Think about ways to improve yourself
Think before you make decisions
Motto’s and Mantra’s
One day at a time
Today is the most important day of your life
Use it!
Forget yesterday – and don’t worry about what might happen tomorrow!
Listen & Learn
There’s something of value to be learned from everyone you meet
Look for it and use it
What we can do to be happier
Do something nice for someone else
Work towards a goal (even if it makes you frustrated at the time you do it)
Smiling elevates your mood
Get some positive social contact
No whining parties
Hang out with happy people: mood is contagious
Actively boycott negative thoughts
Your brain is what you think
Quick primer on cognitive behavior modification
Be aware of your thoughts and actions
Stop negative thoughts and actions
Replace negativity with positivity
This gets easier the more you do it
What we can do to be happier
Eliminate personality traits that lead to unhappiness (victimization, blame, entitlement, belief that you are owed something)
Try cognitive behavior techniques which you can do yourself
Don’t feed bad behaviors
Volunteer and help others
Be a good friend
Be in the moment (Be here!)
Practice mindfulness
You choose to be happy or unhappy
The foods you eat, ways you move, and thoughts you think can support your quest for happiness
People will forget what you say.  They will even forget what you do.  But they never will forget how you made them feel.
Maya Angelou
Sum up…
This journey has opened my eyes
Stopped living in a fog
Love to be able to share this with others!
Food Addicts in Recovery - http://foodaddicts.org/
Alcoholics Anonymous – http://www.aa.org/
ALANON - http://www.al-anon.alateen.org/
Janus Journey’s - http://www.janusjourneys.org/
Choice Center Worldwide University - http://choicecenter.com/
The Four Agreements - don Miguel Ruiz 
The 8th Habit - Stephen Covey
The Power of Intention – Wayne Dyer
The Soul of Money – Lynn Twist
Illusions - R. Back
Infinite Possibilities – Mike Dooley
The Mastery of Love – don Miguel Ruiz
Lisa Laughter
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