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No description

Rachel Letourneau

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Sherlock

British crime drama on BBC One
Created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss
Based on Sherlock Holmes books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Follows Sherlock Holmes and his flatmate John Watson as they solve various crimes in the London area
Three seasons, each with three 90-minute episodes
Season 1 (July 2010)
A Study in Pink
The Blind Banker
The Great Game
Season 2 (January 2012)
A Scandal in Belgravia
The Hounds of Baskerville
The Reichenbach Fall
Season 3 (January 2014)
The Empty Hearse
The Sign of Three
His Last Vow
Many Happy Returns (mini episode, Christmas 2013)
Sherlock Holmes

"I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath, do your research"
Dr. John Watson
"Nothing happens to me."
Mycroft Holmes
"I am the smart one."
DI Greg Lestrade
"Not our division."
Molly Hooper
"I've always trusted you."
Mrs. Hudson
"Not your housekeeper."
Jim Moriarty
"Every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain."
Mary Morstan
"I'm the best thing that could have happened to you."
Portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch
Consulting Detective
Has the ability of deduction, which means he can figure out different aspects of peoples' lives just by looking at them
Uses his "mind palace" to store information in a visual way
Has difficulty sensing others' feelings and emotions, sometimes even his own
Becomes easily bored without having a case to solve, often doing ridiculous things to keep himself entertained (ex. shooting a wall)
Portrayed by Martin Freeman
Sherlock's flatmate
Served in Afghanistan as an army doctor
Returned to London after being shot in the shoulder
Currently works as a General Practitioner
Has a psychosomatic limp in his leg (usually triggered when he is upset or frustrated)
Loves the rush of adrenaline he gets in dangerous situations
Extremely loyal to Sherlock (ex. shot a man to keep Sherlock safe within just days of meeting him)
Portrayed by Mark Gatiss
Sherlock's older brother
Plays a significant role in the British government and has many connections that he exploits in order to get what he wants
His ability of deduction is superior to Sherlock's, but he dislikes doing the "legwork" that comes with solving crimes
Usually arrogant and acts like he is better than other people
Unlike Sherlock, he is highly respected by others
Cares deeply for Sherlock, despite his belief that "caring is not an advantage"
Has governmental surveillance cameras all around London to keep track of Sherlock's risky behavior
Portrayed by Rupert Graves
Detective Inspector for Scotland Yard (London's police force)
Often calls upon Sherlock for assistance with solving crimes
Respects Sherlock, but sometimes becomes aggravated with his constant insults
Is often called Graham or Gavin by Sherlock, who can never remember his actual name
Portrayed by Louise Brealy
Works in the morgue at St. Bartholomew's Hospital
Not in original books (created by Moffat and Gatiss)
Cheerful, but shy and socially awkward
Was once in love with Sherlock, but as their friendship progresses, her romantic feelings fade
Greatly respected and trusted by Sherlock and John
Portrayed by Una Stubbs
Landlady of Sherlock and John's flat
Rents out the flat to Sherlock and John at a low cost after Sherlock ensures the execution of her not-so-friendly husband when he commits double murder
Caring and motherly towards Sherlock and John
When first meeting John, she assumes he is gay and is in a romantic relationship with Sherlock
Portrayed by Amanda Abbington
Works as a nurse at the same clinic as John
Marries John in season 3
Sweet and intelligent person
Little is known about her past
Amanda Abbington is Martin Freeman's real life partner
Portrayed by Andrew Scott
Ruthless villain of the show
Sherlock's intellectual equal
Seen as insane and psychopathic
Manipulative and sadistic
Extremely sardonic sense of humor
Like Sherlock, he becomes easily bored and torments Sherlock for his own amusement
Connected Media
Sherlock, John, and Molly all have blogs that are connected to the show.
Sherlock's blog, The Science of Deduction, discusses interesting cases he solves and, according to him, 243 different types of tobacco ash
John's blog is mostly a recording of all the cases he and Sherlock work on
Molly uses her blog as a diary and writes about different events in her life
Fan Following
has a huge fan following. There are many fan works and adaptations based on the show, including fanart, fanfiction, and fan-made videos on YouTube. For example, on Archive of Our Own, a fan-created, nonprofit archive for fan works, there are 54,396 works under the Sherlock tag, but that's just one website. Other websites, like FanFiction.com and LiveJournal.com, are also hosts for fan works. Some fans participate in virtual roleplays on websites like Tumblr or Twitter. Cosplay (short for "costume play") is another big part of the
community, where people dress up in costumes portraying certain characters.
The first two seasons of
can be found on Netflix. It's a highly entertaining show, so you should watch it :)
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